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LUU Cancer Awareness Society

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Leeds chapter.

Last week a new group gained approval from Leeds University Students’ Union to become a society. I spoke to the society’s president, Shelley Parry, to find out what LUU Cancer Awareness Society is all about.

Where did you get the idea for the society?

This year I have been the Uni Boob team leader for our branch of CoppaFeel!, and we tried to make this into a society. However it was suggested that we branch out, so we worked with the activities development co-ordinators to make a general Cancer Awareness Society.

What are the aims of the society?

We hope to raise money and awareness for a variety of cancer charities. So far, we’ve held a guest speaker event, a comedy night and an awareness stall/cake sale. We’re hoping to form small groups of people, like small committees, to lead event organisation for particular charities, and we’re always open to suggestions if people want to raise money for a charity that we haven’t previously worked with.

What will being a member of the society involve?

As a member you’ll be able to see all of the opportunities on our ‘Get Involved’ Facebook page. The small committees for each charity will post when they need volunteers to help on a stall, help with event organisation, to assist with promotion, etc. Members will also have the opportunity to propose new campaigns and ideas. We’re still in the early stages so all suggestions are welcome!

What are your plans for the future of the society?

At the moment we’re putting together some vague plans for next year. This is set to involve a big campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and also to get lots of students (male and female!) involved in Movember. The committee handover will be after Easter, so we hope people will start considering whether they’d like to be involved more. Two members of the committee are away on placement next year but we all really hope it will develop into something great over the next year or two.



LUU Cancer Awareness Society is just starting out but there are plenty of opportunities to get involved and attend fun events. It’s a great chance to meet new people and add something useful to your CV, as well as promoting and helping a really good cause.

Find out more about LUU Cancer Awareness Society here:


Or here on their Facebook page:


Kerry Williams

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