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Lookbook: On Campus Style

Funky Wear on Campus!

I love music festivals as much as dressing up for them: sparkles, colours, print, and lots and lots of glitter. It’s sunny (debatable in the UK, but I swear whenever I go to a music festival in Paris it is), warm (again, debatable), and you create amazing memories.

But then it all goes downhill when you get back to uni. Especially when you’re not in first year anymore, and that you actually have to do your work. Summer is over, it gets darker, colder, and it definitely rains more. What I like to do is to pretend that the university campus is a festival field, lecturers the event’s headliners, and seminars smaller band’s gigs. So 9am starts aren’t as hard as they seem as I’m actually getting ready for a new festival everyday. And come on, British people are known for their crazy style, so glitter and colourful clothes is not as weird as you might think.

First of all, all you need is a pair of funky trousers, then any colourful / weird top you have. Basically, put together whatever you think will either look terrible or that you’d only wear on a night out, and you’re set.

Photos by Lucy Rose Jones 

Clothes in order of appearance:

Boob tubes: Glitter Romance (available on Asos Marketplace)

Checkered trousers: @sazbree1 (available on Depop)

 Pink cap: Depop

Choker: Chanel

Barbie necklace: Ebay

Pink fluffy coat: George

Pink frills boob tube: Urban Outfitters

Orange long sleeves shirt: Mary Jane Nite 

Military bodysuit: @asifvintage (available on Depop)

Vintage high waisted mum jeans: Gap

By Sarah Ashford-Brown

Second-year undergraduate at the University of Leeds, from Paris. Model, stylist and designer for developing brands, and face of the festival wear brand Glitter Romance. Book and articles writing lover and sparkles and music fanatic. 
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