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Lifestyle Blog: Introducing my blog with a day trip to York

When I started University last year as a nervous, completely unprepared 18 year old fresher, I had absolutely no idea what to expect from Leeds as a city. Despite there being a vast array of articles out there advertising where to go on days out and places to eat, they were all pretty impersonal and I never really got the feeling that the writer was too invested in them. So, as I had never even been to Leeds before (except for an Open Day), I felt pretty stuck on things to actually do. This is why I’ve decided that I want to look back on my uni years knowing that I made the most of them (without sounding completely cliché) so I’m going to be starting a lifestyle blog based in and around Leeds, sharing my thoughts, ideas and experiences with you. My Her Campus Leeds blog will be where I share the places that I think are the best to visit for cute days out (especially in Autumn and Winter), the cosiest coffee shops to grab a latté and finish your essay in, my favourite places to shop (mainly homeware related, I’m just a bit obsessed) and for affordable events in and around Leeds to pop along to.

My first daytrip last year was to York, so I think it’s only fitting that it’s the one I begin my blog with. With its historic allure and quaint cafes, York is a must do whilst you are studying here at Leeds. It’s home to walled walkways, cobbled streets and most famously, The Shambles – a lane of overhanging buildings dating back as far as the 14th century. It’s like taking a step back in time, but with the modern appeal of phone signal and, more importantly, free Wi-Fi.

I visited with one of my friends, as we were both well overdue a daytrip away from exam stress. So, on one slightly grey Sunday, we hopped on a train to York to see what all the fuss was about. We started the day with a quick trip to Café W first and indulged on brownies and tea (so quintessentially British…). Betty’s Tea Room is another popular café in York if you’re visiting but due to its ever increasing popularity, it always seems to be full. The Betty’s Tea Room shop (as seen in my photo above) is always beautifully decorated though, so is worth having a nosey at.

Don’t underestimate the main tourist attractions either; the York Minster and the Walls. There’s no beating taking a stroll above the city and peering over the rooftops, even if the British weather does decide that this would be the perfect opportunity to rain. But we’ll forgive it as, when the shower was over, we managed to end the day on a high, eating fish and chips in the York Museum Gardens whilst overlooking the medieval ruins of St. Mary’s Abbey. There are definitely plenty more things York has to offer that I didn’t manage to fit into this trip. I intend to visit York again this year and, with a single train ticket costing only £2.65 from Leeds with a railcard (thanks Santander!), I have no excuse. So, if you’re in need of a day trip this autumn, York is a place I would definitely recommend.

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