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I Asked My Tinder Matches Their Most Controversial Opinions…

Ah, Tinder. The capital of online dating – the home of cringy pick-up lines, instant ghosting and now, controversial opinions. I mean who can’t resist trying out a new TikTok trend when they see one? Especially if it means getting to ask the charming men of today how they would choose to be cancelled in social media culture.

I asked all of my matches the same question: “What is your most controversial opinion?”. These replies have everything from questionable suggestions for the legal system to out of order opinions on ABBA – Tinder really did have it all. Note to self, don’t make ‘swipe left if you make a s*** cup of tea’ your Tinder bio….*cue about 10 angry non-tea drinkers. Enjoy!

We’ll start with a fairly controversial one to get us warmed up.

Covid is fake”

I mean, who can even start a conversation on Tinder without it leading to the topic of Covid after our social skills were completely destroyed? I’m not too sure this one fits the same memo though…

And to get us straight into that Christmas spirit…

Christmas is ovverated”

I mean their vocabulary mix-up explains it all. Who can truly turn down a mulled wine in the cold winter months? Maybe I’m Christmas obsessed, but this opinion will not be stopping me from lighting my apple and cinnamon Yankee Candle tonight.

This next one was clearly just a personal attack. Home to Europe’s largest travelling fair, the UK’s longest single-suspension bridge and the City of Culture 2017 – what’s not to love!

Hull should be removed from the UK? You can stay tho”

Thank you so much for letting me stay tho;)

I’d say that there should be the death penalty for some crimes and some people should not be allowed to have children”

A bold statement from someone wearing grey joggers and ‘looking for a future milf’ in their bio.

At least it was clearer than this next one.

Kholi is better than Messi”

I can’t say I’m a huge football fan myself unless drinking beer from 11am during the Euros counts. At least the days of ‘Southgate you’re the one’ are well and truly over for another year.

Here’s one for all you politicians…

Brexit could’ve worked if ti wasn’t powered by racists and we weren’t led by donkeys, but there’s still no way I would’ve voted for it!”

Ollie, 19, Herts/Leeds, for UK Prime Minister 2021.

Are you a cat or dog person? This next lad was certainly not the former…

Cats should be eliminated from Earth”

And now for one stans of Ross and Rachel will be seriously offended by…

Friends is average at best, I really hate how much love it gets”

I seriously hate to admit this, but I haven’t watched a single episode of Friends myself. Maybe I’m overwhelmed by the huge amount of episodes there are, or maybe this just stemmed from my traumatic experience of being banned from watching Hannah Montana as a child. American TV shows are just not my cup of tea.

And speaking of tea, let me indulge you with the extensive thread of furious anti-tea drinkers who still claim to be able to make me a perfect cuppa (strong, a bit of milk and no sugar for anyone wondering;) ).

I don’t like tea really. Blasphemy I know”

FYI, it is.

Tea and coffee tastes dreadful. Make a good cuppa though”

Definitely a lad who can only hack a hot chocolate.

Coffee is better than tea, can still make a banging brew like for all the tea drinkers I work with”

To be honest, you cannot beat a Café Nero latte when you’re starting to fall asleep in Laidlaw.

I think we all know this next one thinks he’s the comedian of the group. In reality, he’s laughing at his own jokes and is constantly having to repeat himself so people actually listen.

Humour is subjective and the people that get offended by certain jokes and try ruin it for others are just being selfish and immature”

Give us your better ones then? The family fight for who gets the worst celebrations chocolate continues…

Bounty chocolate the 🐐”

In my opinion, not the best, not the worst. Nothing can beat the Malteser truffle.

You just know this next one is the gym lad who constantly refuses to have a rest day.

I got 2 controversial opinions. 1) That going out and partying all the time is bad for your ambition/drive/motivation and 2) not having the vaccine”

£2 doubles at Walkabout can’t be that bad once in a while? And maybe the second one is best discussed on the date, not over text.

And finally, my personal most controversial opinion of all…

I hate ABBA”

Completely and whole-heartedly disagree. Another opinion is unfortunately out of the question on this one. Coming straight from the girl whose Grandad made her a whole scrapbook of Abba’s albums at 5 years old and who drunkenly sang Gimme Gimme Gimme on Royal Park Pub’s Karaoke last week. ABBA lives on!

Words by: Holly Harrison

Edited by: Yasmine Moro Virion

Hey! I'm a first year at the University of Leeds studying for a degree in English Literature and Language. I love reading, cooking and exploring the countryside and I also enjoy playing my piano!
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