How to Survive the January Sales

How to Survive the January Sales

Laura: It’s that time we’ve all been waiting for. Sure, Christmas and welcoming 2015 were all very well and good, but the only day on my mind was the glorious reintroduction of student finance into my life. So, after all those supposedly ‘necessary” expenses such as rent and food *rolls eyes*, we’re here to tell you how to stretch whatever’s left into an array of purchases in the January sales. Personally, I’m glad to be back in Leeds to hit the shops. This is mainly because if I was home in London, Oxford St would most definitely shatter my good intentions of budgeting. I’m talking such low levels of self- restraint I’d probably come home having exchanged my living expenses for the next three months, whatever shoes I was wearing that day, my first born child - well, you get the drift.

So, here’s our guide to the best sales in Leeds; which shops have the best deals, which online outlets give extra discounts and what you NEED for the New Year.

Victoria’s Secret: Without sounding too much like stereotypical women - which you should know by now we are most certainly not - buying overpriced underwear just makes a girl feel darn good. Straight after my first exam was finished, we went to the Trinity Centre and trawled through endless draws of lingerie. With items reduced from £10 to £3, it was the perfect time, and probably the only time, I could afford to indulge! Also, for anyone who actually does that exercise thing, PINK next door has a sale on workout gear and, surprise surprise, more underwear. Enjoy!

Primark: I’m always surprised when Primark has a sale on, but we stumbled across many investments in the home section which were unbelievably affordable. In a bid to warm up our living room, which is beginning to look like the North Mountain, Primark offers many cosy sale items. We picked up a pack of 2 cushions for £5 and a throw for £3.90, which means we leave the sofa even less than before! With a selection of candles and bed covers on sale too, go wild and create a new theme for your bedroom - how about some feng shui for 2015?

Online: The best thing I’ve learnt this sale season is that in some cases it’s cheaper to buy an item online than in store- and it can be purchased from the comfort of a onesie and your bed. With the added discount of free delivery over certain amounts (which you are sure to spend) and student discount codes, some items can end up being up to 75% off.  Most importantly, who doesn’t love getting post? In particular, Urban Outfitters’ sale, from which I managed to purchase Russell Brand’s book, a hip flask and a jumper for under £20, is amazing. Get shopping!

Alex: To some, the sales may be slightly overwhelming. Needless to say, hordes of anxious women waving purses and previously purchased goods around their heads isn’t the most enticing experience. So, to make this challenge a little easier for you, we’ve narrowed down the five best items to buy from the five best places in the January sales.

1.     Books at Urban Outfitters. In all fairness, an Urban Outfitters’ sale is always going to be a jaw-dropper, no matter what category. However, UO has kickstarted the year with one of the best sales we’ve ever seen. Dresses for £5, jewellery for £2, bags for a tenner - what more could you ask for? Well, if you’re a bookworm like us, you’ll love their upstairs section. Urban Outfitters doesn’t release your standard Penguin Classics, but instead houses a selection from light reads and cute journals to amazing autobiographies. Including the 25% off sale items, I personally managed to scope three different books which I have fallen IN LOVE with (Think Like a Lawyer Don’t Act Like One, The World According to Karl, and The A-Z Dictionary of Dreams) for the teeny tiny price of £8.27!

2.     Dresses at Boohoo’s selection of dresses are beautiful and already fairly cheap, so we were in heaven when we found out they were holding an up to 75% off sale! Did someone say £20 dress for £5?

3.     Coats at Topshop. Think of one store you wish you could live in if a student budget didn’t exist. It’s Topshop isn’t it? Well the (slightly overpriced) high street store blessed all of us with its huuuuuuuuge sale this month, and the section we’re in love with is a miracle; hello jackets and coats. When a beautiful Longline Double Breasted Coat goes from £89 to £40, are you really going to say no? How about an Embroidered Sateen Duster from £79 to £20? Either way, head on down to Topshop and bag yourself something warm to wear for the remainder of the winter months, for a hell of a lot cheaper that we could’ve imagined!

4.     Gifts at Claire’s Accessories. If you have any little brothers or sisters/nieces and nephews/small people you want to buy present for, Claire’s is doing an amazing sale (plus an extra 20% off online) and has some perfect bit and bobs for the little ones. With brands including Minnie Mouse, Frozen, and of course the Minions, there’s ideas for everybody! Who needs Hamley’s?

5.     Beauty and Fragrances at Boots. ‘70% off at Boots’ are the words we have been waiting to hear. Seriously, you are now able to make yourself look that little bit more instagram-famous and smell fresh as a daisy for a portion of the price, including those expensive brands you gaze adoringly at briefly before making a beeline to Rimmel and Collection.

We hope you have enjoyed this mini-guideline to the January sales. Bear in mind that they end soon, so hurry up and head on down to the Trinity Centre to grab some items for spring! What better way to spend your entire student loan on glorious items you don’t need?

Laura Roche and Alex Farley-Wood

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