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How Savage X Fenty is Changing the Game

When I first heard Rihanna was making a lingerie clothing line, I was sceptical. So many celebrities have tried and failed to launch a brand, whether that be skincare, clothing, food, books or appliances. But it’s become clear over time that Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty brand isn’t like any other – in the best possible way.

That’s something I’ve come to realise from watching this year’s Savage X Fenty fashion show, which not only promoted the sexy and stunning designs of the clothing line but also showcased how Savage X Fenty is diversifying the fashion industry in a way that is desperately needed.  

The Savage X Fenty line is a brand that over the course of three years has skyrocketed, making its founder, Rihanna, a billionaire and challenging the stereotypical norms of fashion, race and body diversity within a brand. This year’s Savage X Fenty show highlighted that by featuring dozens of models of different heights, weights, genders, races and cultures, you can make a show inclusive (instead of exclusive like most other brands).

Growing up I always thought to be sexy you had to have one specific type of body, your face had to look a certain way and a certain shape, your hair had to be a specific length or shade and every inch of your skin had to look airbrushed. But the Savage x Fenty line negates this completely, encouraging the message that everybody in any body can be sexy. This differs from the message instilled by other well-known brands which I won’t name specifically but are no ‘Secret’.

The show brought dozens of well-known, and new, models to showcase the line, as well as actresses and music artists such as Vanessa Hudgens, Sabrina Carpenter, Gigi Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, Adrianna Lima, Cindy Crawford and of course the queen herself Rihanna. She strutted the runway to promote her line alongside some of the most iconic names in fashion.

Not only was the modelling lineup star-studded, but the show also had brilliant performances by Normani, who delivered a spectacular performance of her song ‘Wild Side’ in a green catsuit and Lucite heels. This was alongside Daddy Yankee, BIA, Ricky Martin, Jasmine Sullivan and Jade Novah, who all delivered brilliant performances in the visually stunning cityscape setting. Contrasting and vibrant colours created a futuristic and outstanding visual spectacle, illuminating how Rihanna’s brand is looking to the future instead of staying in the past.

Every performance, look, model and motif used throughout the show captivated me. Every model, even if they wore the same outfit, looked different, in their own glorious way. Each performance was energetic and unique, and every single look was stunning, so much so that I spent about two hours the next day on the Savage X Fenty website. The show is currently streaming on Amazon Prime and if you can’t already tell, I would highly suggest watching it.

It makes me wonder what the singer and entrepreneur could do to top this year’s show the next time around. 

Words: Isabelle Adams

Edited by: Katherine Robins

First year Film, Media and Photography student.
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