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How to Pack When You’ve Only Got Hand Luggage!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Leeds chapter.

All My Outfits For London in a Cabin Suitcase


Being able to pack all the stuff you need for a week in a cabin suitcase is difficult enough already, but if the destination is rainy London, it becomes much more complicated.

Last week I spent some time in this beautiful city and when I was trying to pack I had many doubts:

  • Which coat will be the best one for my adventure?
  • How many pairs of trousers should I take?
  • How can I fit everything in such a tiny space?
  • If I can only take the half of what I wanted, how can I dress differently every day?

Finally, I decided to plan my outfits day by day and this is what I came up with: Jumpers, boots and big coats… This is the winning combination!

The Perfect Coat

Being warm was the priority number one, so I went ahead and packed the warmest coat I had, a pair of gloves and some thick socks.

Instagram Tip: If your coat is not really that fashionable, it doesn’t matter because you can always take it off for the pictures.

The Ones That Fit You the Best

The second thing I put into the cabin suitcase was my two favourite pairs of trousers, one is denim and the others are black, so when I mixed and match the jumpers with them it looked like a completely different outfit every time. 


Jumper Obsession

Then I went ahead and I decided on my favourite four jumpers of the season, making sure they were different in terms of textures, colours and prints: I took a black one, a white one, a pink one and finally my favourite one with colourful stripes. 

Time to Get Fancy

Obviously, when packing a suitcase you have to bear in mind that you might go out for drinks, to a party or out for dinner, so it’s always good to have some dresses prepared for a fancy situation.

I love to combine these kind of pieces with the jumpers because I think that is easy to layer with them.

Fashion Tip: If you put the dress under the jumper it looks like a skirt, but if you decide to put the jumper under the dress it looks so fashionable as well. So, one item, a thousand combinations. 

Travel Essentials

And last but not least, the shoes and the bag. My approach about this is really simple, take the most comfy boots you have and the cutest bag you own. There is no need to take more than one pair of each if the ones you chose to have a simple colour that goes with everything.

Packing Tips

I recommend that you wear the items that would take up the most space in the suitcase the day you travel. Also, rolling the clothes is a good way of making space for a big makeup bag.

My final piece of advice, as the shopaholic I am, leave some space for the goodies that you will find in your destination!!

I hope you enjoy your time!

Have fun dressing up and loads of love! x

Silvia Calvo

All the pictures: @silvis_cs



Main picture: @silvis_cs


Spanish girl living in Leeds and dreaming with Madrid. I study Journalism and Humanities, I am a fashion lover and that is why I'm here. Follow me on @silvis_cs