How To Manage Break Up

Break ups are tricky, sad, and altogether exhausting. Not only are you losing a significant person in your life, you've got the ultimate challenge of building yourself back up again. But when you feel like the world’s caving in, stop. Take a minute, breathe, and read these six important rules for getting over someone and making the most out of an ended relationship.

Here's how to get through a breakup:


Yes, in the wise words of Lorelai Gilmore, you must wallow. It's so cleansing (ironically) to throw your own pity party and eat away at all your feelings. Snuggle up with your best girlfriends, watch some crappy movies, and re-install that Just Eat app for all your junk food needs. No one can judge you for being an absolute slob for a couple weeks, just don’t keep it up for too long or you’ll risk getting stuck in a rut. 

Don’t Do Anything Dumb

It can be super tempting to be as petty as possible post-breakup, but do not, I repeat DO NOT do anything stupid. You might have sudden urges to throw a brick through their window (bit extreme) or send them boatloads of spam (less so), but really these will just be more likely to bite you on the ass later. Take the high road and be the bigger person; the less unaffected you appear, the better you’ll feel! Then you can to look back on this time of your life and see things other than your giant post-breakup-breakdown.

No Booty Calls

Ah yes that old saying, the best way to get over someone is to get under someone new. Wrong! Moving on to someone new immediately after a relationship has ended skips the whole healing process and just carries your emotional baggage into your new one. Sure window shopping is fun, but you need time to find yourself again. Once you’re comfortable enough to spend a whole weekend with yourself, you might be okay swiping right for the other fish in the sea. But only when you’re ready will it feel good to dip your toe in.

Spring Cleaning

After the dark stage filled with mountains of Kleenex and Facebook stalking, comes a new dawn. Getting rid of what doesn’t enhance your life is pretty much a general rule, and reminiscing over a dead relationship will not help. Firstly, delete them off every social media platform, you don’t want to hear about their new relationship if you’re still in recovery! Slip on your marigolds, dig through anything that reminds you of your ex and get ready to chuck. You don’t need things lying around reminding you of an old relationship, especially if it ended badly. Except maybe that super cute teddy bear. Keep that.

Get Out of the House

Wallowing may have been great, but if you’re still feeling down then it’s high time you got out of the house. Round up your best girls and go do things! Hit the cinema (no rom coms), explore the country, go bowling and eat at that restaurant you’ve been hinting at for the last century. Trying new things and making new memories will have you looking back at this time and remembering all the fun things you did with your besties.


Moving On

Oh gosh isn’t this just the best stage? The heartbreak will be over and done with, they’ll be out of your mind and you’ll be feeling like your old self again. It might be a long road to get there, but everything will be okay in the end. YOU ARE A STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMAN AND YOU DON’T NEED NO MAN.