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How to have a sober night out

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Leeds chapter.

How to have a sober night out

Tired of waking up with a banging headache after a good night out? Fed up of finding last night’s make-up smeared all over the pillow? Or simply needing a break from boozy binges every week?

The occasional sober night out can actually be really beneficial for your health, and I have to admit, it’s nice to wake up in the morning once in a while and not have to trawl through blurry memories to piece the night together.

Still a bit apprehensive? Here are my top tips for having a fab night out whilst still completely sober:

1.Get a sober buddyWhen your mates are stumbling around plastered and you’re relegated to being the carer for the evening, it’s not much fun. So to stop you being the resident drunk nurse convince one of your friends to take up the challenge with you and team up on the sober side for the evening. Trust me, it’ll be that much more hilarious when your friends who are hammered humiliate themselves and your dignity is kept intact.

2.Love the musicMake sure you go somewhere where you’re going to enjoy the music! When drunk even a fruity-lover can dance to hardcore drum and bass, but while sober the music is what will carry you through and make the night great. So, if you secretly love a Taylor Swift filled night out then embrace your inner cheese and dance your heart out.

3.Stay hydratedOne of the best things about a sober night out is that if you drink water all night you won’t spend anything at all. Great for your weekly budget and also great for your health – a win-win situation! Also, if you are a fruity regular then free water is available from the Wonder Water stations all night, so make sure to check them out if you don’t want to wait in lengthy queues at the bar.

  1. 4. Dance like nobody’s watching……because they’re not! As soon as you realise everyone around you is absolutely wasted, the better. You can dance like a total idiot and no-one’s going to give you a second glance, so just go for it. You have the advantages of balance and stability, so whack out some new moves and let loose step-up style.

    5.Enjoy the carnageAnother great thing about going out sober is that you can be witness to some truly amazing drunken encounters. From third-wheeling drunk make-out sessions on the dancefloor to being able to remember all the hilarious (and embarrassing) things your friends did the night before, while sober you are privy to a world of morning regrets. Revel in the mayhem.

    6.Forgive and forgetWhen other people are hammered and you’re going sober, you have to cut them a bit of slack. Unfortunately they are inevitably going to bump into you, spill their drinks and run off with no notice. The key to having a good night out sober is to remember that when you’re drunk, you’re probably just as bad. Everyone has an alternative drunk personality and the best thing you can do is laugh it off.

All in all a sober night out can be a great experience if you shake off the preconception that you have to be absolutely smashed to have a good time. There are tons of benefits too – it’s cheaper, healthier and doesn’t leave you feeling worse for wear in the morning. Plus, if you’re sober you’re far less likely to go for that 4am takeaway, although admittedly chips are rather tempting day or night…

The most important thing is to not let other people’s views on being sober affect you. You’re not ‘boring’ or ‘lame’ for not drinking, you’re just giving your liver a break whilst having a night out AND a night off!


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