Her Campus x LRFS: MEET: the stylist

Hey Sarah, thanks for chatting to us!

Tell us a bit about yourself, what do you study and what year are you in?

My name is Sarah Jun Ashford-Brown, I'm 19, actually I'm turning 20 in 3 days so lets say 20 hahahah, and I'm from Paris. Im in second year at the uni of Leeds and I study cultural and media studies.

Sarah (right) Photography: Lucy R. Jones

How did you get involved with LRFS?

Last year I wanted to apply as a model but got too scared last minute so this year I told myself that I should get involved with the show no matter what. So when I saw that they were looking for stylists I thought I'd give it a go, even though originally I wanted to help in the social media side, but because I applied so late, they already had people for that!

Was this your first Fashion Show?

Yes it was indeed! I feel quite proud that my first fashion show was on the 10th year anniversary and that it supports such great charities.

Did you have any experience with this type of role before? How did you find this role compared to other roles you may have had?

No not at all! I only decided this year that I'd want to get invoked with as much as I could at uni while I had the opportunity, and was determined to add cool things to my cv aha. It was definitely a lot harder than I anticipated: the first few months were fun, contacting designers I liked, then there was some boring bits like writing contracts (I did not like that part at all haha) and in the last weeks before the show, you see everything fine together which is so amazing - but that's when it starts getting stressful, with last minute problems, designers dropping out, wrong sizes, last minute panic shopping etc. A lot of tears (good and bad ones) where poured over this show aha.

Which scene were you involved with styling? Tell us a bit about it and the thought process behind it...

My scene was the last one, the surprise, Revival. It's all about positivity, creativity and the future. I actually asked for this scene t be totally under my control and treat it like my baby. It's very funky but not too much like going to a music festival, I still wanted to keep it high fashion. I am so proud of it, and its my greatest accomplishment in life. I do not stop talking about it!

How did you go about selecting the designers for your scene?

Mostly Instagram and depop! Im a massive depop lover and I have met so many amazing creative people on there who I contacted first. Then, I went on @confetticrowd's insta (I'm a big fan) and started clicking and following all the people who made the clothes they wear. It lead me to so many talented designers!

Photography: Lucy R. Jones

Did you have weekly team meetings? What was involved?

We had stylist meetings once a week or more if necessary. In the last weeks before the show, we basically lived together in the storage room! Every Monday the whole committee met after uni to discuss each team's role and what had been or should be done. It was a great way to see the progress made and I also met my greatest friends on this committee. I could not imagine my life without having met those people: they are my family.

How closely did you work with the directors?

As a stylist, I would only contact them if I had a big problem or for non stylist related topics, like music for the show, a brand, or ideas I had to raise money! Its Jen, my head stylist, who had to meet with them constantly. However, I did wish I'd have worked more closely with them, they are some of the nicest guys I've met, and have you seen how beautiful they are?!

What’s been your favourite thing about this year’s show?

The fact that I made lifelong friends, a new family to support me, and that thanks to this committee's hard work and our amazing models, most people have said it has been the best show so far. It has allowed me to secure two internships in fashion in Paris for my year in industry next year, convincing me that my dream job is to work in fashion.

Photography: Dylan Mentzel