Her Campus x LRFS: MEET: the social media manager

Hey Christa, thanks so much for chatting to us!

Hi there! Thank you for interviewing me.

Tell us a bit about yourself? What do you study and what year are you in?

Well, I am in my fourth and final year of university. I did a year abroad in Sydney last year and I am currently studying English Literature, which is really interesting believe it or not. Once I graduate, I am looking to pursue a career in fashion and wellbeing PR.

How did you get involved with LRFS?

I already knew about LRFS because I was on the committee two years ago. When I came back to Leeds after my year in Australia, I saw a recruitment post on the LRFS Instagram account around September time, so I simply sent in my CV and cover letter and applied for a role within social media. I heard back promptly with an interview offer from the RAG Events Managers, and then a week later I was made LRFS18 Social Media Manager. It was a great moment.


Was this your first Fashion Show?

As mentioned, I worked on the LRFS committee in 2016 as stylist. It was such an amazing experience and was a great opportunity to meet so many new people, so I decided to apply again but for a different role, just to mix it up a little.  

Christa (left), with her sister Gretel

Did you have any experience with this type of role before? How did you find it?

Like most millennials, I use social media on a daily basis and Instagram is pretty much life. Therefore, I thought I’d put my technological habits to good use, rather than just as a form of procrastination from uni work. I have worked in the fashion industry before with internships, so this was all pretty much second nature for me. Working as Social Media Manager was SO fun, it didn’t even feel like work half the time. I loved focusing on the aesthetics of the fashion show and making everything flow consistently with colour schemes, together with the graphics.


Do you have a favourite scene from the show?

I thought the show as a whole was incredible and the styling from each scene was insane, however, I must say that my favourite scene was RE.VIVAL. Simply because the clothes were so extravagant and the models were really energetic; it was such a feel-good scene. The music as well (David Bowie and Earth Wind and Fire in particular) just made it!


Did you have weekly team meetings? What was involved? When did these start?  

Yes, we had a 2-hour meeting with the whole committee every Monday (6-8pm). There was a lot of discussion about the show itself, theme reveal, various fundraisers, sponsorship, ideas about photoshoots, promo-videos, etc. Anything you can think of, we talked about it. Also, if there were any problems then everything would be discussed and sorted at the meeting. These meetings started as soon as the committee assembled in October, and ran all the way through until the week after the show for a final debrief.  

What’s been your favourite thing about this year’s show?

Just the theme itself. TIME.LESS. was truly timeless. 


Photography: Dylan Mentzel