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Her Campus guide to the best European music festivals this summer!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Leeds chapter.

So many festivals, so little money – the story of my life.

Going to a festival abroad is like a mini holiday in itself. Sun, sea and great music – it doesn’t get much better that! Choosing a festival can seem like a daunting task with bindi-encrusted, harem-pant-wearing edgy kids flocking on a pilgrimage to increasingly obscurely named festivals. I’ve had a sort through the seemingly endless list of festivals to bring you the top five worth looking at!

1)      Sziget Festival, Budapest, 11-18th August

Described by NME as “an island where anything goes in a rock and roll, sunbathe all day and party all night kind of way”, Budapest’s Sziget has one of the most colourful line-ups this year featuring: The Prodigy, OutKast, Blink 182, Deadmau5, London Grammar, Bonobo, Crystal Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Manic Street Preachers, The 1975, Imagine Dragons…and many more. A week’s camping ticket costs just £179, including free travel around Budapest and discounted entry to several of the city’s historic cultural attractions. A cultural city break, amazing weather and an incredible line-up all wrapped up in one!

2)      Tomorrowland, Belgium, 18-20th & 25-27th July


If electronic and dance music is more your scene then Belgium’s Tomorrowland is the festival for you. In 2013 tickets sold out in just ONE SECOND and this year they’ve added an extra weekend of music to celebrate the festival’s tenth birthday. This summer’s line-up includes Nervo, Netsky, Hardwell, Alesso, Laidback Luke, Max Vangelo, David Guetta and Martin Garrix. I think I need to sit down…

3)      Exit Festival, Serbia, 10-13th July


Exit has just been named ‘Best Major European Music Festival’ by the EU festival awards. What started as a student movement for democracy in Serbia is now celebrating its 15th successful year with an extra two days in Montenegro! Stage time is 8pm – 8am so caffeine is recommended! This year’s line-up includes Disclosure, Gorgon City, Afro Jack, Skrillex and Sub Focus.

4)      Rock am Ring, Germany, 5th-8th June


The European rock festival of the summer has to be Germany’s Rock am Ring. 150,000 people flock to the three day festival each year held in the notorious Nurburgring racetrack. Rock am Ring is definitely more of a “soft rock” festival with this year’s line-up featuring Green Day, The Prodigy, The Killers, Simple Plan, All Time Low, Bring Me The Horizon and Fettes Brot.

5)      Meadow in the Mountains, Bulgaria,  13th-15th June

Meadow in the Mountains is a relatively new festival held in the beautiful Rhodopian Mountains near the Greek border of Bulgaria. Guaranteed sun and an amazing backdrop, this three day music, art and literature festival is an absolute bargain for just £95!

Annalie Coia

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