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An offer for you from Blossoming Gifts

Valentine’s Day has been and gone. I guess you could say the last few weeks have made us single girls’ lives a little bit more challenging; the constant subjection to the Valentine’s ‘dine in for two’ ads on TV, battling our way through the Valentine’s paraphernalia in Clinton’s to find a simple birthday card for a friend and the Facebook news feeds taken up by photos of our friends posing in front of the romantic meals cooked for them by their boy/girlfriends.

I spent my Valentine’s night in front of the TV with my bestie; watching episodes of FRIENDS, being hungover in our dressing gowns and tucking into an 11” takeaway pizza (well romantic).

Earlier that day however, something pretty wonderful happened. I awoke to the sound of a knock at the door and the delivery of these gorgeous things, the ‘High Tea’ arrangement from www.blossominggifts.com. They may not have been from a secret admirer like I first hoped (but getting sent flowers by secret admirers doesn’t really happen in real life, does it?), but needless to say they brightened up my day. I now feel like I’m stepping into a swanky London hotel for afternoon tea every time I walk into my Victorian terrace. 


The good news is that Blossoming Gifts are offering an exclusive 30% discount code that DOES NOT EXPIRE to all Her Campus readers! Simply enter discount code HERCAMPUS30 at the checkout and you or someone you love can enjoy one of these gorgeous bouquets as much as I have. 

Student of BA Linguistics and Philosophy and 2014/15 Her Campus Leeds Co-President
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