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Good Old-Fashioned Entertainment

Are you constantly getting restless cooped up at home or in your halls? My flatmates and I are guilty as charged. Our domestic confinement is usually due to being strapped for cash, impending deadlines or in a bad week, both. From this point onwards the boredom blooms. We twiddle our fingers as staying in and watching a film has become almost a mundane routine, but what else can we do?

Well, Her Campus may have the answer to your boredom woes. We need to take some inspiration from the 40s and 50s; the golden era of good old-fashioned home entertainment. The notion of being amused without leaving your home is even more appealing given the recent vicious wind outside. So here is a list of cheap, cheerful and not overly time-consuming activities to participate in and kill that boredom.

1)     Poker- If you thought the poker scene in Casino Royale was intense, jeez, wait until you play yourself. The best thing about poker is it is very social and appealing for both girls and boys. When you get going the rules and bluffing become second nature. Playing in a big group and each putting a little bit of money in can mean considerable winnings for the champ. Don’t worry if you think you’ve misplaced your competitive streak, you will definitely find it again after one game! Finally ladies, we will all be able to do a poker face as convincing as Lady Gaga’s. (Alternative game: Monopoly)

2)     Find your Inner Zen! After a day labouring away in the library your weary brain needs a treat. During hectic periods we often become so preoccupied with what is going on around us that we forget to look after ourselves properly.  I present you with the perfect remedy: face masks, ambient music, green tea, yoga poses and meditation. The best bit of course is that you should feel like a new woman after all this relaxation and motivated to power on through the week. 

3)     Baking- Whether you fancy yourself as the next Nigella Lawson or simply inspired by the nice girl in ‘Mean Girls’ who proposed baking “a cake filled of rainbows”, get your rolling pins at the ready. Baking is fun, tasty and cheap. It is also something any future housewife should have under their belt. We can only but try to carry it off with the same ease as the housewives with cheshire cat smiles in 50’s adverts. Even better, get your fella involved with the baking process. This shall be the first but nevertheless significant step, rearing him up to be the next Jamie Oliver. As women we only deserve the best!

4)     Your own “Come Dine with Me”-  A transition from TV to household couldn’t be easier! Each week one housemate should cook a meal of their choice. This gets the whole house eating together and makes dinner time a social, communal affair. This provides a break from the standard student dishes of pasta and beans on toast AND means we can look forward to a variety of scrumptious meals over the course of the next few weeks. Why not accompany this meal with a glass of wine, which would be much deserved after a stressful day! Ideally rating cards should be avoided to prevent causing offense. However, if you are living with laid-back, not overly sensitive people, my flatmates and I have discovered rating cards are pretty hysterical. If you are the boldest of the bold, why not go for the entertainment part of the evening and allocate yourself the role of dinner clown. Designating one flatmate as the show’s commentator yet again adds to the amusement.

5)     Go to a Free Exhibition- In an age so preoccupied with clubbing as a culture we overlook the culture around where we live. Going to an exhibition is something different and an exciting way of branching out from normal day trips. Generally you come away from them feeling a more interesting and cultured person and it is a satisfying feeling (perhaps we are kidding ourselves but I like that thought, so let’s stick with it!).

6)     Blogging- Okay, so this wasn’t even an option in the 50s, but I would be crazy to go without mentioning it. Blogging is a great way of writing what is on your mind and finding out people’s views on it. From writing blogs, to street fashion, to contemporary art and music blogs (one of my favourite types and great for discovering new music), there are hundreds of blogs out there for everyone. You may even stumble upon new interests you never knew you had from reading them. Of course, it goes without saying that Her Campus Leeds is on the top of that list!

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