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The Future’s Bright: Leeds’ Only Careers-focused Society

We all know the score when it comes to Freshers’ week and the excitement that entails of joining every obscure society on offer. The initial ambition of becoming a bio chemist or the next Maggie Thatcher pales into insignificance, and the only thing that really matters come graduation is whether you’re a national Irish Dancing champion or broke a Guinness world record in cross stitch.


‘Did you know that 32% of businesses failed to fill their graduate vacancies due to lack of applicants with the right skills?’ – Bright Futures

Bright Futures provides you, the students of Leeds University, with a society which enhances your degree and employable skills, rather than just that of your drinking or socialising ones. Don’t let me scare you already with the prospect of there being no socialising involved; the society is for students after all. What Bright Futures does differently is that their socialising is done with clients. Networking events are organised in an informal setting so you are given the chance to talk with employers over drinks or dinner. This unique facet of the society is one which it prides itself on, above others.

Did you know that Bright Futures has links with some of the UK’s most competitive companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, IBM, Ernst & Young, RPC, Network Rail, RBS and Rolls Royce?

Standing out from the rest as a society that is actually a branch of an industry-leading consultancy, Bright Futures is not tied to our University. They describe themselves as having “graduate recruitment expertise spanning several decades and an aim to ultimately generate successful graduate hires”. Becoming a part of Bright Futures does not have to stop once you have graduated, you can still continue seeking advice, developing skills and networking with its large database of clients.


‘Did you know that 60% of our committees, at over 45 UK universities, secured a job before the end of the academic year?’ – Bright Futures

So why Join?

• Bright Futures pride themselves on having “established links with many esteemed firms and blue chip companies”, which do not usually visit our university. This puts you in a strong position ahead of your peers when it comes to networking for grad schemes, grad jobs and internships.

• You get the chance to be part of a nationwide network of students and employers, and be associated with a recognisable and esteemed brand.  The national status of Bright Futures means the society has access to an unusually large range of corporate contacts and resources as compared to other societies. Here is an opportunity to get involved in something that goes beyond the realms of the university and has the potential to be recognised by future employers, giving you a competitive edge when you graduate.

• The society promises that “by being actively involved they can give you the opportunity to have an informed career choice and get you where you want to be”. As part of Bright Futures you will be invited to attend company presentations and find out more about what some major companies do in their field, in addition to how they operate and what you could bring as a graduate. This may lead you to find your dream job, or simply reassure you that you most definitely don’t want to go into insurance. These opportunities are enhanced by skill-focused workshops, held to improve your employability and give you insider knowledge on what it is employers are looking for from you.

• Even if you know exactly what field you want to go into, Bright Futures could still be of help to put you in touch with industry leaders in your chosen area.

• As a society it also offers online seminars and regular E-mags with articles from their graduate recruiters, which you have exclusive access to.  Throw in invitations to National Bright Futures Events and the chance to take part in National competitions, and you’re on your way to securing that coveted grad scheme you’ve been pining for.       

• Maybe you’re just looking for something to decorate your CV with which leaves a longer lasting impression than, ‘I was a member of the wine society’. Yes, that exists.


How to Join

It’s free if you want to sign up to Bright Futures’ mailing list and from there you can decide if you want to become a member for a £5 joining fee. The fee covers your membership for a year and gives you all the benefits above. To find out more information about the society, just drop a message to the email address below.

You can also attend the WELCOME MEETING EVENT on Monday 8th October, 8pm-9.30pm in The Lounge, near to the shops in the Union.

More details can be found here – https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/231246690338039/

The evening will be a brilliant chance to meet the BFL committee, and find out a bit more about the events that are planned for this year. There’s also free pizza and drink apparently!

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