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Fun (But Affordable) Things To Do In The Lead Up To The Christmas Holidays!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Leeds chapter.


As we approach the Christmas holidays, you may possibly be reaching the very end of your student loan. Fear not though! I have compiled a list of fun, affordable things to do, some of them completely free, which means you can enjoy every minute of this last week.

Within Leeds you have a great array of things to do on any week night. Here are just a few of the many options available:

The Yorkshire Playhouse

Showing that amazing performances don’t have to be expensive, from the 5th-24th of January, James and The Giant Peach is showcasing. The Playhouse offers good deals on concession tickets for students, with tickets between the 5th and 10th of December only costing £10! This would be a lovely night out that wouldn’t bear a costly burden.

Nation of Shopkeepers

Alongside its quirky décor, great DJs and food, plus an outside courtyard and a canopy bedecked with fairy lights, this bar is also well worth a visit for the music scene. Two Door Cinema Club, Delphic and Bo Ningen have all played there before (for free!) so head down on a Wednesday to find some new talent without spending a penny. If you fancy some cheap food there whilst you listen to some live music, the burgers are 2-4-1.  Lastly, if you and your friends are wanting to organise a Christmas meal, Shopkeepers knock 10% off your festive meal if you go there before December 10th!

The Hop

Another free activity to do with all of your friends, a pub quiz! This is always ideal to do with a large group of friends, so get the gang together at Dark Arches on Canary Wharf on Tuesday (from 8pm) where you might have a chance at winning a complementary dinner and a gallon of Ossett ale. What’s better than a free meal?

The German Christmas Markets

Now, I know this is something every student will have heard of, but it really is fun to go to and shouldn’t be missed if you want to get into that festive spirit. It is held in the Millennium Square from now until Saturday 20th of December. The Alp Chalet Bavarian eatery is the top venue to enjoy authentic German food and drink and is cosier than any Christmas jumper. Don’t let the cold of the North stop you from going out and doing stuff! There are also over 40 traditional wooden chalet stalls, turning the square into a beautiful scenic winter village. Most importantly, it’s free entry. If you just go for a few drinks and something to eat, the whole night shouldn’t cost more than £10-15.

Finally, there are also fantastic things going on outside of Leeds which should not be missed:

The Yorkshire Sculpture Park

This is the UK’s leading open-air gallery and really is something special. It is free entry and has an amazing array of things to see, from weird and wonderful sculptures to amazing wood, elephant intestine (I’m not joking) and wax projects, and even some contemporary electrical sculptures. I also suggest you visit the bedsit – I won’t spoil the experience but it is truly amazing.

Don’t be deterred by the fact that it is outside of Leeds and therefore not a venue that you can easily walk to because the YSP has ensured that people from all over can visit this great place. If you are lucky enough to have your car at uni, this drive will only take about 25 minutes; just grab the postcode and go! However for everyone else from Leeds relying on public transport, you can catch the train to Wakefield. A return is £3.85 and the service conveniently runs every 5 minutes and only takes 11 minutes each way. From Wakefield, the buses stop and depart directly outside the YSP Centre, and current timetables and services can be easily found on wymetro.com. I have been there two times this term, and still haven’t seen everything. I strongly recommend you pay a visit before the term ends.

I really hope that list inspires you and gives you some new ideas for things to do in Leeds! There’s always free, fab things to do, so don’t worry about trying to conserve the last bit of your money by not going out – you don’t have too!

Elle Rigby

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