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Fail Safe Christmas Gifts for Her

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Leeds chapter.

Christmas is of course a time of joy and eating A LOT of chocolate watching your favourite Christmas films, but it can also get pretty stressful when you just can’t work out what to buy your mates. So I’m going to help you out. There is no need to panic about what to buy your best friend anymore; you can use my guide to Christmas shopping so you’re stress free and have plenty of time left over to enjoy a Gingerbread Latte and mince pie before you head home from the shops.

1. Perfume: No girl can ever have enough perfume, I myself love going shopping and trying all the new scents, and this Christmas is no different. I’ve already put in an order with the parents politely asking if they can give me the gift of the Burberry Body gift set. It smells gorgeous and being a student I can’t always afford luxuries like this, so surprise your friend with that bottle of perfume she has been lusting over all semester.

2. Make Up: Another thing a girl can’t get enough of, and with it being Christmas there are lots of amazing offers and gift sets out there just waiting to be bought. If you don’t know exactly what to get you can always get vouchers for brands like MAC and Bobbi Brown so they can buy make up they like and get a free make up lesson too!

3. Jewellery: If there is one thing I love getting at Christmas it is jewellery, and with so many beautifully necklaces and rings out there ready for the party season you can be sure to find your friends something nice. Think about whether they wear more gold or silver and help add to their collection. I can guarantee they’ll like the sentiment and jewellery can be worn all the time so it definitely won’t be one of those gifts that gets hidden in a drawer for the rest of the year.

4. Band T-Shirt: I know a lot of my friends at home are really into music and love going to festivals so one of the best presents I can get them is a band t-shirt that I know they will wear all the time. They can wear it day or night and it is sure to be packed up for the festival season, especially if they are lucky enough to get tickets as a present.

5. Box Sets: We all know that being at uni can sometimes mean going without a TV, therefore you are left relying on 4OD and BBC iplayer. So why not treat your friend to her favourite TV box set so she can enjoy watching it whenever she wants? If she shares a house with guys she’ll be grateful she can get out of watching the football too!

6. Handbag: Girls can never have too many handbags, one to match every outfit still isn’t enough so check out what the high street has to offer and get your best mate a new one to add to her already massive collection. It could also be a new purse or clutch for all the girly nights out you’re sure to have over the festive period.


7. Gig Tickets: You’ve just found out your friend’s favourite band is playing nearby sometime soon, so what are you waiting for? Unless you know she already has tickets make sure you buy a pair so you can both go along and have a good night out dancing to all her favourite music. She’ll love it!

8. Something Personal: This one is the best because it will come from the heart. It can be anything from buying a jar of her favourite sweets or signed poster of her favourite band, to a first edition of her favourite book or canvas print of all your friends together. I guarantee she won’t be able to thank you enough.

So, with all of these ideas, you definitely won’t be stuck in the same aisle of Boots wondering which scented bath set she would like most. I know I’m now prepared to take on the hundreds of Christmas shoppers fighting for the last present on the shelves, are you?


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