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Deap Vally

Everyone’s favourite female rock duo, all the way from Los Angeles, California are currently on a world tour of their new album “Femijism” and they even stopped off to do a show at Leeds University Union. Lindsey Troy (guitar/vocals) and Julie Edwards (drums/vocals) met in a crochet class in Silver Lake, Los Angeles before forming a band in 2011. Similar sounds? Think The White Stripes, Led Zepplin, and Warpaint. Grungey rock, with honesty and truth that shine through the lyrics and hit right to the bone. You may recognise one of their first singles ‘End of the World’ from an MTV advert for Ex on the Beach. Or maybe you are familiar with another track ‘Grunge Bond’ which was featured on Fifa 16. With their don’t-give-a-damn attitude and grungey sweet sound, Deap Vally are the missing piece from your girl power playlist.

Playing the NME stage of Leeds Festival back in 2013, the band completely kicked ass in front of a packed out tent with crowds of fans of all ages and genders. This show followed the release of “Sistrionix” their debut album. After leaving their major-label contract, Deap Vally were set to create their new album. Following some time off for baby-having and what not, the girls are now back in 2016 with “Femijism”. It really packs those authentic American rock-n-roll vibes with a feminist punch. If you hate cat-calling, then you’re going to love ‘Smile More’. If you hate being told what to do, you will be crazy about ‘Gonnawanna’. If you hate the new breed of online trolls, you’ll go mad for ‘Critic’. If you enjoy pure, blissful inspiration then have a listen to ‘Royal Jelly’. Every track is glorious and insane. It is a psychedelic exploration of all that is woman.

Their recent Leeds show was no disappointment in showcasing the new album in all its fierce, head-bobbing glory. First off was support act, The Velveteers, all the way from Denver, Colorado. Siblings Demi (vocals/guitar) and John Demitro (drums) displayed their gritty rock vibes with an impressive performance almost on par with the Vally girls. On their first UK tour, Demi owned the stage with edgy 90s vibes and impressive vocals. The Velveteers sent out a tweet the next day following the gig: “Such a sick show in Leeds last night with @DeapVally up next is Edinburgh #deapvally”. Demi was seen happily chatting to fans and dancing post-set as the night continued. Despite their young age, The Velveteers executed their performance with professionalism and style: a duo to watch out for.

The main meat of the night, however, was of course Deap Vally. A fiery selection of seventeen songs played over an hour and a half in a room packed full of rock fans. With excitement in the atmosphere, and a huge cheer as they appeared on stage, Julie took to the drums and Lindsey set herself up at the mic. They went straight in with their opening song ‘Little Baby Beauty Queen’, a glam but gritty stoner jam with haunting lyrics which follow their theme of hard hitting honesty. Followed by ‘Bad for My Body’ and ‘Gonna Make My Own Money’ both from debut album “Sistrionix”. There was no slowing down of the vibe as they bobbed between “Sistrionix” and “Femijism” for the rest of the night…fast forward one hour and Lindsey was diving off the stage into the crowd and surfing across the room. They even brought their tour manager on stage to sing a “Sistrionix” fan-fave ‘Lies’ which seemed to be a hit among the crowd with everyone bouncing and singing along with enthusiasm; eyes closed, heads nodding and hands in the air. Effortlessly cool and not one time-filler track, the entire set list was a hit with the swaying crowd.


Signing autographs at a meet and greet which followed the show, the girls scribbled away on pink and white vinyl copies of “Femejism”. Lindsey leaned over, hugging a fan and kissing her on the cheek whilst Julie smiled away, beaming the entire time. Chatting to their fans, their down to earth and demure attitude was almost shocking in contrast with the radical rock music and aggressive, revolutionary lyrics (at least for anyone new to the concepts of feminism, and rock, in general). Following the signing, the venue cleared and the Deap Vally girls signed off on twitter with a simple post “Thanks! It was sooo fun! <3” They definitely know how to put on a bad ass, glitter-shining show. Look out for the Deap Vally girls in the near future.






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