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The Coolest Homemade Halloween Costume For Less Than £10

The Coolest Halloween Costume For Less Than 10 Pounds


Believe or not, that time of the year is already here: so lets prepare the perfect Halloween Costume!


If you love this time of year (like me), you will agree that there is no better feeling than having al leyes on you, when you are wearing the best costume at the party. Although that is so cool, breaking the piggy bank only for one night is not the smartest idea when you are at uni. Therefore, the best plan is to use things that you already have in your closet for creating an amazing outfit.


You may think: How am I going to slay the night with things I already have at home? Well, after a lot of time thinking I came out with the best solution ever: a costume that is fast to make, super cheap and that will ensure you all the looks.


Straight away from Tim Burton´s fantasy, this is the ultimate guide in how to create the CORSPE BRIDE.


The only things you need to have:

1-A white bed sheets, kings size. (0£)

2.-A couple safety pins. (2£)

3-.Blue // Green temporary hair Violet colour spray. (5£)

4.-A Matching Face and body paint crayon. (2£)

5.- A bouquet of dead flowers from your neighbours´s garden. (0£)

Total Cost= (9£)



Step 1: The first and most important thing to do is to spray with the hair product all your breast and your arms, although it can sound crazy, nothing is going to happen to your skin for just one night. Try to do it outdoors so you don’t breathe the air and please, please, please: I said breast and arms, NO FACE.


Step 2: Is probably better to do these areas before applying anything into your face, you can be creative here. I was already going to be violet, so I did it in a dark but kinda feminine way.


Step 3: For the face and neck I will recommend mixing the body painting crayon with your facial cream so it blends nicely an is not aggressive. Try to match this crayon colour with the one of the breast as much as possible.


Step 4: (This one is completely optional). I putted some glitter on my forehead and my clavicle bones because I thought that It was going to be more extra, so feel free to do the same!



The Dress: this is super simple, the only thing you need to do is to put the sheets on the floor and select the long side of it. Once you have done that you warp yourselves (only one) and you confront the rest of the side. Put a pair of safety pins and you are ready to go.


The shoes: I mean, you are pretending to be a bride, so It will look cooler if you wear some heels.


Accessories: I will recommend you to become a little crazy here using stuff that you already have, of course! Flower crowns, gloves, blue/purple/green tights, rings, big necklaces, enormous earrings (loads of jewellery in general).


Flowers: you cannot forget this, for the love of good, It’s your wedding, you need them, they are free, and they make the people understand your costume!!!



And the final step: HAVE ALL THE FUN IN THE WORLD! I hope you all have an amazing time during Halloween and remember that this is only my approach on the subject, so feel free to change whatever you want (but do not use the spray on your face, please)!


Have fun getting dress and loads of love! x


Silvia Calvo

All the pictures: @silvis_cs




Main picture: @silvis_cs


Spanish girl living in Leeds and dreaming with Madrid. I study Journalism and Humanities, I am a fashion lover and that is why I'm here. Follow me on @silvis_cs  
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