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Campus Celebrity: Steven Daly

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Leeds chapter.

This week we’re featuring a magical Campus Celebrity! Here’s Steven Daly, Events Co-ordinator for LUU’s Quidditch and Harry Potter Society! 


1) What’s you’re full name, degree programme and home town?
Hello! I’m Steven Daly, currently studying BA Philosophy and my home town is Grimsby, Lincolnshire
2) How did you first get involved with the society, and why did it appeal to you?
became an active member once I attended the GIAG Quidditch session in my second year!
The main thing that appealed to me with the society is how accepting it is of every person that comes to it. It’s really a place where you feel happy to just be yourself.
3) Can anyone join, or do they have to be mega-hard-core Potter lovers?
Anyone can join the society! We have screenings of the films throughout the year, and there are even quiddtch players in the QUK community who are not Harry Potter fans (although sometimes your house loyalty can bring out a competitive side at board games nights!)
4) Is there an official name for mega-hard-core Potter lovers? (e.g. Beliebers, One Directioners etc?)
As far as I’m aware, there’s no specific name for Harry Potter fans that is in common use, although the term marauder is thrown around a lot in the society. In the quidditch community, players are often referred to as Quidkids which is kind of awesome!
5) As events co-ordinator, what’s your main role? Do you enjoy it? And what’s the hardest part of it?
As an events co-ordinator, my main role is to work with the other members of the committee to come up with imaginative and fun events for people to attend throughout the year. It’s an amazing role, especially when you turn up to an event and see a team of zombies having a quidditch match against a team of survivors! I’d say the hardest part of the role is finding things that are both exciting and feasible as you can easily let your mind run wild, but then realise that this isn’t Hogwarts so you can’t have dragons at your potions and pizza nights!
6) What’s your funniest / craziest memory from within the society?
There are a lot of humorous times in the society, but one of the best by far was Geek Night, where a lot of the General Interest societies get together to collaborate on a club night. You can listen to some amazing music, sing Disney songs at the top of your voice and playing Mario Kart on the GameCubes around the room! That’s without mentioning the 600 glow-sticks! People tend to get very amusing at this event, and when you have someone cosplaying Ash chasing someone in a Pikachu onesie and yelling, “get in the Pokéball”, it’s something you can never forget!
7) what awesome events can your members be looking forward to this year?
There are so many events that we have planned this year including film nights, dueling, potions and pizza, but by far the most spectacular is going to be our Yule Ball which is being held at the Queens Hotel on the 8th December. All of the Geek societies have been invited, as well as many quidditch players from all over the country! A 3 course meal, a live band of society members and some amazing entertainment are all lined up ready for the event! It’s definitely something that you won’t want to miss! 
If the thought of this is appealing to you as much as it is the Her Campus girls, then check out http://www.leedsuniversityunion.org.uk/groups/QuidditchHPSociety/ for more information, it sounds WANDerful to us ;)