Campus Celebrity - Beth Picott – Activities Officer Candidate

It’s that time of year again! It’s the annual LUU Leadership race and this year has seen a record amount of entries for each of the six roles on offer! With so many fantastic candidate it’s often hard to determine who really will be the best person for the job. So here at Her Campus Leeds we’re making that job just that little bit easier for you and giving you a rundown of who could be perfect for the role.

This brings me to Miss Beth Picott. This girl is undeniably hardworking, dedicated and running to be your next Activities Officer. In her third year of an English degree and playing a keen role in many sporting societies, particularly the Rowing Club, it’s safe to say she will fit the bill. Plus I don’t think you could meet anyone more friendly and bubbly too! We got Beth to give us the run down on why she will be perfect or the job.

  1. If elected, what will your role as Activities Officer involve?

The Activities Officer looks after all clubs and societies in an opportunities context, meaning that it would be my job to work with clubs and societies in their relationship with the union and the university to improve the opportunities available to students at Leeds by ensuring that clubs and societies run to the highest possible standard.


  1. What made you want to stand for the role?

I've really enjoyed my year as President of the Rowing Club and the opportunities I've managed to secure for the club. It's been a brilliant way to enjoy the Leeds University experience and I'd love to help other Clubs and Societies to reach their potentials - whether it be by helping out with facilities provision, funding, or longer-term development.


  1. What do you plan to do as Activities Exec?

So many things! The main goals on my manifesto are: keeping the new £9million refurbishment grant that has been announced for the Union in line with the priorities of clubs and societies; increasing publicity for clubs and societies around the union and University, particularly during Freshers; strengthening ties between LUU clubs and the local community, hoping to alleviate some of our space issues at the same time; encourage transparency around funding, collating all available funding options into one, easily accessible place; expand and improve the training for committees and alternative training that the union offers to make it student-led, efficient, and applicable to societies' interests; ensure that employability opportunities are advertised and distributed as society-specific to help increase the value of being a part of a society at Leeds; create more of a joint marketing approach between clubs and IM Sport and look at improving access to sports facilities.In general, I would aim to LISTEN to clubs and societies needs and get them on the road to achieving them.


  1. Do you believe you can make a real difference?

I have recently been a part of the Project to secure a new £1million Boathouse for the Rowing Club and as such have pushed the club forward in terms of closely planning our development in order to meet the needs required for this exciting year. As a result, I am now used to corresponding with the University and the Union on matters of finance and club development and priorities, and know who to talk to. I am therefore used to standing up for the needs of clubs and societies and feel that these are the most valuable skills that I would be able to take forward into the role of Activities Officer. 

  1. What makes you so unique and stand out from all the other candidates?

I have sat on important project groups and worked with a large, mixed club, as well as with external public clubs, and led a 15-person committee. I understand what it's like to run a very hectic club and to worry about club finances, facilities, publicity and management. Whilst I do come from a sports background, I have also taken part in other societies such as my departmental societies, some general interest, and some media - so, whilst I might not know about every type of society straight away, I do have a variety of interests and I'm really keen to learn about what everyone gets up to and help clubs and societies in whatever way I can. A lot of what I have learned this year - mostly based around the art of expressing and pushing for clubs' needs - can be applied to other societies in order to continually improve the opportunities available to students.


  1. You're currently president of the Rowing Club, are you worried that running for activities exec is going to mean you have to cut back on the amount of things you do for them?

I am just in the process of handing over to the new Rowing committee and am excited to leave the club in their capable hands! Of course, I will continue to support the club in whatever way I can, but I am really excited to find out more about all the other clubs out there that I have not had a chance to experience yet!


  1. If anyone is still having doubts about you being a part of the union exec what would you say to them to convince them otherwise?

The main thing I can offer you as activities officer is that I am already used to talking to the University and Union, with people at all levels, and I am therefore ready to continue doing so for all clubs and societies. I am really keen to continue the growth of LUU so that the opportunities we offer students are some of the best available in the UK - and I believe that this is achievable through the investment in clubs and societies.

So if you feel that Beth will be the best candidate for Activities Officer why not join her #PicottLine and for any other questions tweet her @Beth_Picott or check out her Facebook page: #PickPicott

To find out more about the LUU exec nominations and to read Beth’s and all of the candidates manifestos visit


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