Budget Blog: How To: Valentine’s D.I.Y


How To: Valentine’s D.I.Y

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, which either means the most romantic day of the year or an excuse to get drunk and form an anti-men club, so why splash out on a meal and a dozen roses whilst swanning off for a luxury weekend break when you can have the perfect day on the cheap? We have the solution with a little D.I.Y for the upcoming event, whether it’s spent with your significant other or your significant others (your best girl friends and a bottle of pinot).

  • Keep it Local

There’s no point jetting off for a romantic weekend in Paris or Rome when you can barely scrape together enough money to pay for this month’s rent (let’s face it, it’s always a struggle), so instead try and have your own Miranda-style adventure and go on holiday… to Leeds. Sure it’s no Venetian gondola ride or trip up the Eiffel Tower, but renting out a hotel room for the weekend and exploring all the things you’ve yet to accomplish in Leeds is pretty much a vacation in itself, did anybody else know that we have a canal?!

  • The Valentine’s Cupcakes

Nothing says D.I.Y like turning your kitchen upside down and whipping out some fairly edible baked goods, so why not tackle the culinary challenge V-Day style? The day that essentially enforces women’s rights to indulge in any form of chocolate-y confection available demands the same from cupcakes, so head down to your nearest supermarket and get your hands on Betty Crocker’s finest; the Devil’s Food Cupcake Mix (around £2.25). Because nothing says “I love you” like “you know I can’t bake so I made them from a box, you’re welcome”.

  • Make your own Presents

Don’t go faffing around Pandora or Michael Kors for a Valentine’s present this year, you could be spending that money on books for this semester (or more realistically, presents for you). Go for it old-style and get a little crafty with the scissors and glue, everyone adores a homemade card! Pinterest is crammed with ideas on handmade gifts you can make for the special someone in your life or all your friends, such as decorated mugs, scrapbooks, and ‘open when’ letters (if you’re not sure, get googling). Just pretend you came up with it yourself, it’s fair to say the internet provides originality these days.

  • Don’t Buy Champagne

Who can afford it anyway? Get yourself some Prosecco or Cava from Home Bargains and drink out of plastic Poundland champagne glasses. I guarantee it’ll feel exactly like the real thing (almost). Ignore the judging eyes from financially stable couples, if you want to drink Morrisons Own Brand Rosado Cava, then you go girl! You can buy proper champers when your student loan is simply a nightmare from the past. But if you can afford it, go crazy. Everybody loves champagne!

  • Eat In

Anywhere you’re planning to eat out this weekend will be around 200x more expensive than it already is, which gives you the perfect excuse to create your own little dining experience at home! You can buy a simple table cover almost anywhere at a very low price, all you need is a little cooking experience and voila - your very own restaurant. Of course you can always pop to Aldi and get some ready meals if you have severe lack of skill in the kitchen (Sweet and Sour Chicken with Rice is only 69p right now, did somebody say oriental style?), but as ingredients for a simple meal are always fairly cheap, why not try your hand at a Thai curry or paella?

Happy Budget Valentine’s Day!

Miranda picture source:http://giphy.com/search/miranda


Alex Farley-Wood