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Eyebrows are strange little creatures, but given the right grooming they can change your look completely. Gone are the days of brows being insignificant to your look: no more plucking until they become invisible, eyebrows have become big business. Since the invasion of the ‘Sloane Brow’, the ‘Scouse Brow’ and of course the ‘Monobrow’ (which I would avoid at all costs), eyebrows are the trendiest accessory. And one to revel in – you don’t need to buy them to be on trend – you’ve already got them.

But the decision is, what kind of brow is best for you? Whether you favour an all-natural look or something more statement, groomed brows will anchor your make-up in minutes and have the ability to transform your look instantly. Since you have probably already blown your first loan installment, this is an inexpensive way complete this transformation. The following quiz will direct you towards which kind of brow would suit you.

• If you own denim cut offs (vintage of course) and Nike high tops, live in Hyde Park and have already got your parka jacket out…. your eye-brows of choice: ‘Sloane Brow’.

The ‘Sloane Brow’ pin up is none other than Burberry Brit queen Cara Delevigne.


Granted, she is a massive poser – but who hasn’t sat on Photobooth and thought they were auditioning for ANTM. Her look is statement, light hair and dark brows. In the campaign photo the eyebrows have not been over plucked, but have been subtly shaped, and have been left quite natural, but penciled in quite heavily. The more casual photo shows the brows with the same shape but without the eyebrow pencil to fill in the gaps. The trick to this look: keep them dark and keep them slightly messy. The ‘I just rolled out of bed and stumbled into Eddy B’ look rather than the ‘I have been up since 6am meticulously plucking my brows in the chance level 10 cluster will be filled with hotties’ look. Casual beauty is cool.

• If you wear a sharp blazer to uni, can occasionally be seen tottering in heels around Terrace before 4pm and have every shade of MAC lipstick available ‘The Scouse Brow’ it is.

The ‘Scouse Brow’ pin-up is Liverpool’s best dresser and Queen WAG, Colleen Rooney.


Neat, tidy and heavy on the eyebrow pencil, this look is actually very elegant when done right – despite its WAG roots. But BEWARE! This is Scouse over-kill:



No, no, no ladies.
This is not cool, this is not chic – DO NOT DO IT. You are not to use rulers on your eyebrows to create sharp lines, you are to step away from the eyebrow pencil if you have blunted it after two uses. Less is more (one the WAGS of the world have yet to master). Equally as key, do not over pluck, over wax or over thread a ‘Scouse Brow’ – the results can look as though you have tattooed your forehead.
My tip: trial but no error. Just pluck away stray hairs to begin with, to create a natural shape, and go lightly with the eye-brow pencil until you feel more confident with the look. Then gradually use more – you’re onto a winner.

Finally I am hoping no one falls into this category…

• If you have never done anything by means of tidying, shaping or hair removal you will almost certainly fall into the…’Monobrow’ category, I’m sorry.

There is no pin-up girl for this look because it’s not the most desirable, and frankly, when I typed ‘monobrow’ into Google images the pictures were quite frightening. Lilly Collins is awfully close to hitting the unspeakable mono.


But do not fear, if Phil Collins can produce such a beautiful child, you can certainly achieve great brows.

Here is the step by step solution to great eye-brows:

Step 1: Since I know for a fact you are probably hitting your overdraft already, the Brow Bar at Harvey Nichols is out of the question. And to be honest it is completely over priced. However, there is a fantastic beauty salon called ‘Hind’ opposite Primark, which offers eyebrow threading and reshaping from £7. Alternatively, you could nip into the Union salon where they also does eyebrow threading and waxing.

Step 2: Be brave. Seemingly insignificant patches of hair above your eyes can literally transform your face – so take the plunge! If you can’t change your look at uni – when can you? Start off little by little, the shaping, then the defining, and soon you will be looking cooler than any one else in Terrace.

Step 3: Do not overkill. I have said this enough, but please head my warning I know from experience. ‘Pencil in your eyebrows’ does not mean paint them in with marker pen.

Brow products:
Depending on your budget and preference for either brush or pencil, the following products may be able to assist you in achieving brow perfection.

The Benefit ‘Brow Zing’ is amazing. I am an eyebrow fanatic and I swear by this product. You can achieve’ relaxed daytime’ and ‘glam evening’ so effortlessly. The price is £22.50 but it is worth the investment – it will easily last you a year.

The MAC eyebrow pencil comes in 5 different shades, has an angular tip to create defining brows and comes in at an achievable price of £12.50

If you have already broken the bank in Fresher’s week, never fear Rimmel are here with a £2.99 eyebrow fix. The pencil glides on easily and the handy tip brush puts those strays back in place giving you ‘that London look’ (it sounds better when Kate Moss says it…)

Ladies, I have shared all my knowledge with you…its over to you – may the brows be with you.


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