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Ben Chapman – Football Club Captain

Leeds Varsity is fast approaching and it’s one of the hottest events on the university’s sports calendar. To find out more about what to expect I interviewed the University’s football captain, Ben Chapman.

Varsity is a pretty big deal for both Leeds Uni and Leeds Met. What makes it exciting for you?

The sense of occasion. Its a huge deal for all the sports teams and probably the biggest game of the season. Everyone wants to beat Met.


What would you say are our chances of winning this year?

We’ve had a really good pre season, and everyone is buzzing for varsity. I honestly think the football squad can have a successful day. I’m gonna be optimistic in predicting 5 out of 5 wins this year.

How important do you think football is to the university?

Its a big deal, but considering football is the national sport , I feel there is a real chance to increase its importance, and that is something we are all working towards this year.


Why should people get more involved with the sport?

Its a great chance to meet new people and make friends if you are starting out as a Fresher. Even if you do not make the university squad, there are other opportunities to play, such as Intra-Mural football, the futsal leagues and the give-it-a-go sessions the university provide throughout the year.

What are your best memories of Varsity?

Beating Met last year 4-0 for the 1st XI, and scoring the last goal of the game.

How did you become involved with football at the university and why?

I heard about it through a friend, and he said it was great chance to play a good standard of football. I then went through the trial process during freshers week, and fortunately got selected. But it was during those trials that I met most of my good friends I now have at Uni.

So there you have it, now you know what Varsity means and what it’s all about, you have no excuse not to go and cheer on Leeds University!

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