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Halloween is fast approaching, and every year it seems to be more and more difficult to choose a costume. Fear not, however, as it doesn’t have to cost a fortune; there are plenty of outfits which will shock your friends and not your bank balance

No.1 – The Mummy

This is done with one of the cheapest things you’ll have to hand – toilet roll! Simply wrap yourself up in multiple layers and tuck in to secure. Keep in mind that this is not the most durable material, so it wouldn’t be suitable for apple bobbing and other such games. However, if you switch the toilet roll for bandages (available in places like Boots) and pin them in place with safety pins, you’ll have a scary outfit that will also last the night.

No.2 – The Vampire

Now this is a classic Halloween outfit. Simply dress yourself in any ‘vampy’ style clothing – think blacks, reds or purples – and then tie on a cape which you can get at an affordable price from most supermarkets at this time of year. The most important part of this look is obviously the fangs, but make sure to check the packet as you may need to buy the glue for them separately! Pour some fake blood over your chin and you’re finished!

No.3 – Grease Characters

Although it’s not scary, a lot of people prefer to dress up as a character rather than a monster for Halloween. For the ladies, grab yourself a pink jacket and use a sharpie to write “Pink Ladies” on the back. Put on some black leggings, heels and ‘rat’ your hair, to quote Rizzo. If you’re going as a big group, get your guy-friends to wear their leather jackets and tip-ex the “T Birds” on the back. Add a bit of hair gel (or grease should I say) and it’s a true 50’s throwback!

No.4 – The Pirate

Ahoy mateys! To get this look, put on either a stripey top or a flowing blouse, if you want the more ‘boho’ version, and tie a bandana around your head. Then the fun part, the fake tattoos! Use liquid eyeliner to map out anything you like, from treasure chests to pirate songs to bottles of rum! If you can borrow a fake sword this totally completes the look!

No. 5 – Dead School Girls

This is another super easy and affordable outfit. Get an old white blouse and rip it up, then pull on a black or tartan skirt. Have a root around at the back of your wardrobe for your old dreaded school tie (if you haven’t burnt it already) or borrow a friend’s. Then simply use grey/purple eyeshadow under your eyes and across your body for dark bags and bruises. Some fake wounds are also brilliant; I’d recommend using thin layers of tissue and eyelash glue, then covering them in fake blood for some gore!

I hope you liked these frugal but frightening outfits, and have a Happy Halloween!

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