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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Leeds chapter.

This one’s for my true art lovers and crafty creatives – if Hobbycraft was your favourite childhood store, read on for a taste of nostalgia. Candle painting is currently trending all over my social media, and I can’t think of a better activity for a wholesome university night in!

Start by taking a trip to your local Wilko or supermarket (I’ve heard through the grapevine that Flying Tiger have an extensive range too) and purchase a selection of tealights. These need to be colourful as they will act as your paint palette. You’ll also need a variation of either wax pillar or taper candle sticks; a combination of both is ideal for the most aesthetic results. These should be bought in light colours – creams, blushes, and lavenders, for example – so that your designs will stand out against the background. Once these core materials are secured, grab some small paint brushes (and any nail art tools you have lying around), some matches and you’re all set!

Incomparably cheaper than pottery painting, this activity is not only innovative but heaps of fun and produces some beautiful candles that can still be burnt normally, but double as decorative ornaments. Light your tealights when ready to begin and allow the wax to melt quite a bit. When it has liquified, dip your brushes in and use the wax to paint the larger candles with your imaginative designs. If you need inspiration, I find that smaller patterns work best, using the brush to create dots for flower petals and little hearts. Tiny cherries, lemons and strawberries can also be achieved reasonably easily, even if your artistic skills are slightly lacking. Tall candle sticks look super impressive when embellished with vine-like flowers and leaves. A Midsummer Night’s Dream effect, if you will. If you see my vision and live near Hyde Park in Leeds, you can find some colourful taper candles in North-South Vintage, as I mentioned in my last article. For a textured masterpiece, try to find a baby blue candle and use a melted white tealight to paint on some clouds. Once the first layer dries, go over some areas to create a cute, bubbled effect.

I prefer to display larger candles in my bedroom, but the candlesticks make great table décor for a tea party or birthday dinner, looking especially impressive in colourful candle holders! If you want to light them, prepare to be amazed at the wonderful blend of melted wax colours as they drip down and remould as an extra layer of effect when dry. Cow print, letters, and smiley faces are all other successful designs that I’ve seen and look best when arranged together.

Grab a glass of wine, a cheeseboard, or a box of chocolates and prepare for the ultimate arts and crafts night-in! The idea is also transferable for different themes such as Valentine’s or Mother’s Day and would make a lovely handmade gift. I can’t wait to keep adding more of these cute candles to my collection and spice up my interiors, and hopefully you’ll all feel the same!

Written by: Ella Gale

Edited by: Hannah Clarke

Ella Gale

Leeds '24

Calling all creative enthusiasts and NP personalities… I give you the (BA) Creative Mind series, where I talk about seeing university life in Leeds through imaginative eyes. As a Bachelor of Arts student, I'm always looking for instagrammable places, unique style and artistic hobbies to fill my life in the city and on social media! Do you consider yourself a creative person, inside or outside of your degree? Take a look at my articles and uncover the inspired side of Leeds.