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Autumn Fashion Trends

The Autumn Trends You Need to Wear

Hello everyone, hope you’ve all had an amazing start back at uni.

 I am excited to be back again to talk about fashion!


September is such an exciting month; whether you’ve started a new chapter of your life or you’re are back at uni with all your friends, it’s always good to say hello to autumn! The most exciting thing about the beginning of Autumn to me is that a new fashion season is here, and believe me when I say that in this post I’m going to give you the survival kit to stay on trend when you just don’t know what to wear!

Three simple but effective looks that are suitable for any occasion; meaning going to your classes, to the club with your friends or even for a date with the person you fancy will no longer a problem, it’s now an opportunity to wear all the runway trends.


All Red Everything

This one is the easiest because I know for sure that you probably already have something red in your wardrobe. The best thing is that this colour flatters every skin type and it can even match your makeup. Although we are going to see this colour in any form, is true that the key pieces are going to be two: blazers and boots like in Givenchy.

Vinyl Is The New Leather

This material is the ‘peekaboo’ trend of the season, the texture is so much fun and let’s be honest, you can look super sexy wearing it.

My advice is don’t go crazy buying vinyl, even though I love it so much, I think the best thing to do is to buy one and if you feel you can pull it off then maybe purchase another. The best way to wear it is on short skirt or trousers, signed by Mosquino.

Fashion Tip: Look in your mum´s closet, maybe she has something from back in the day!


GirlBoss Look

This one is for all those ladies that have a job or just like to dress in a ladylike, smart way. This aesthetic has been linked to the deconstruction of shirts that we saw already last year.

Designer: Calvin Klein, but McQueen have created a uniform for the season: The Suit with Wales prince stripes.

If you want to own the look you can play around adding some colour!


Bad Hair Day?

That is now a thing of the past my ladies, ‘why is that?’ you may ask. But the answer is pretty simple, hats are back! Yes, hats are the perfect accessory for every look, in the fashionista world you can leave your iPhone at home but your French beret should never leave your side. Also, make sure you keep an eye on the suede officer caps, they are coming back straight away from the 70´s.


Velvet & Over the Knee Boots

Well Well…. Who said you cannot be cozy and fabulous at the same time? Here is the formula for being warm while you are having and amazing time! I think this look needs no presentation: on one hand, velvet was everywhere last year, so congrats if you bought something, you were very smart because apparently this texture is here to stay. On the other hand, long boots are a street style obsession, if you have any complaints send them to Balenciaga!


I hope these tips can help you get on trend before anyone else, anyway remember that is better to set new rules than to follow them. I encourage you to take what you like the most from the list and adapt it into your own personal style.

Have fun getting dress and loads of love! x

Silvia Calvo

All the pictures: @silvis_cs




Main picture: @silvis_cs



Spanish girl living in Leeds and dreaming with Madrid. I study Journalism and Humanities, I am a fashion lover and that is why I'm here. Follow me on @silvis_cs  
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