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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Leeds chapter.

Now that it’s October, it’s fully and thoroughly Autumn! If, like me, you’re looking for books to fit in with the dark academia, witchy, moody and brisk weather vibes that the season brings, here are 10 books that I hope you’ll love, and which perfectly fit into the Autumn atmosphere.

1. A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

This book is perfect if you want a fast-paced, young adult, mystery thriller. If you want to get into the spooky season mood A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder is the book for you. Set in a high school, Pippa Fitz-Amobi is trying to reopen the cold case surrounding another classmate’s disappearance and suspected murder. In this book, the reader follows Pip’s persistent re-examining of the case through a traditional narrative as well as interview transcripts, email exchanges and more mixed media. On top of this, the story will always keep you on your toes. Read this to solve the murder mystery, or see if there really was a murder at all.

2. The Ex Hex

The Ex Hex is a cosy, small-town Romcom with an added element of witchiness. This book has all the paranormal elements you’d want for Autumn, with the romance tropes you might have been missing from your Summer reading.

Nine years ago, young witch, Vivienne Jones, tipsily tried to put a hex on her recent ex, Rhys Penhallow, and now in the present day – as Rhys returns to the small town – Vivienne realises her light-hearted spell might have gone slightly wrong. The pair must work together to save the town of Graves Glen whilst facing their chemistry in this fun, second-chance romance novel.

3. A Lesson in Vengeance

Dark academia, witchy thriller and LGBT+ representation – A Lesson in Vengeance truly has it all. In this book, Victoria Lee beautifully crafts the haunting atmosphere of a boarding school with a dark past through the perspective of Felicity, a grieving and anxious student at Dalloway School. The reader also meets Ellis Haley, a first-year and novelist researching the occult history of the mysterious institute. Make sure you read this book if you love the idea of The Secret History’sdark academia vibes but want a newer release that’s a bit more entertaining.

4. Twilight

If you haven’t read what I consider this modern classic, then this autumn is the perfect time to read Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight. You too can join the Twilight renaissance, romanticise the rainy weather and jump into the story of Bella and Edward. Twilight is a young adult vampire romance novel with a cult following and aesthetic movies to match. Follow Bella’s move from Arizona to Forks, Washington, also known as the rainiest place in the US. There she meets quiet and mysterious Edward Cullen and his strange adoptive family and gets entangled within their paranormal saga. And if you love this series after reading the first book, there is three more to follow, a novella, a movie series and two spin-off novels that will keep you entertained this Autumn.

5. The Atlas Six

This book follows a competition to gain membership to a secret society, six magical characters and a story filled with secrets. Unlike your traditional fantasy novel, it focuses more on the dark atmosphere, philosophical discussions and character building, with light magical elements. The Atlas Six seems to be a book people can’t describe but also can’t put down. Published only last year, this book has picked up a lot of die-hard fans and has a highly anticipated sequel coming soon.

6. The Once and Future Witches

Including feminist witches and 19th Century suffragettes, The Once and Future Witches follows the Eastwood sisters reuniting, drawing on old magic and overcoming trauma and oppression. This novel is set in 1893 and has very light magical elements and an empowering story. Read this book if you want to get into the mood for Halloween with a story about sisterhood with beautifully crafted writing.

7. Cemetery Boys

Aiden Thomas’ Cemetery Boys is an own voice, LGBT+, Latinx, young adult story about magic, acceptance and mystery. Yadriel, who is determined to prove himself, performs a magical ritual and accidentally summons a young ghost, Julian Diaz. The two must work together to solve the mystery that will help Julian tie up his earthly loose ends. However, the more time they spend together, the more Yadriel doesn’t want Julian to leave. Make sure you pick up this book if you want a spooky but sweet and emotional read this Autumn.

8. Verity

Lowen Ashleigh is a ghostwriter saved from her tedious daily life and financial problems by Jeremy Crawford, who hires her to finish a series written by his wife, Verity, who now cannot continue to write due to an unfortunate accident. But Lowen stumbles across Verity’s unfinished autobiography and is overwhelmed by the number of dark secrets taking up space in her brain and surrounding her in Crawford’s house in which she now lives. Colleen Hoover pushes the boundaries of her writing in this twisted romance thriller and will leave you wondering what exactly you just read, but also why you can’t put it down.

I hope one of these recommendations inspires you to read and get yourself into the autumn mood!

Words by: Elser Mitchell 

Edited by: Laura Murphy

I am a Sociology student at the University of Leeds, class of 2022! I love researching and writing about books, social media and society in general.