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Album Review: ‘Joanne’ Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga ‘Joanne’ Review

Throwback to 2008 when Lady Gaga was your everything and ‘Just Dance’ was playing at everyone’s 12th birthday party, to 2009 when ‘Bad Romance’ stormed the radio and then 2011’s ‘Born This Way’ which became a self-positivity beacon for everyone, everywhere.


Now fast forward past the Tony Bennett collabs and Artpop oyster shells to Joanne, Gaga’s out-of-the-blue, “this-doesn’t-even-sound-like-her”, beautiful new album. A completely stripped back version of the artist’s previous work, her new sound is absolutely mesmerizing. Here’s the lowdown on every single one of the tracks on ‘Joanne’:


Diamond Heart


A great intro track for her new sound, ‘Diamond Heart’ effortlessly blends American-roots with the modern vibe Gaga just can’t remove herself from. It kind of reminds me of the same vibe in ‘You and I’ from her Born This Way album, admittedly a favourite of mine that runs through the whole album.




A kind of ‘screw you’ to, well, everyone. A little bit of a self-empowerment song, blast it when you’re doing your makeup before pres. It’ll make you feel like the queen you are.




Inspired by the passing of her aunt, Joanne is a stripped track which really reveals the clarity in Gaga’s voice. The lyrics are hauntingly beautiful, and the intimate connection the artist shares with this song is evident.


John Wayne


One of my personal favourites, this amped up track is a new take on Gaga’s previous style, but definitely in keeping with her flirtatious attitude. A great song for when you’re tired of Tinder, we’re all just holding out for our own John Wayne.


Dancin’ In Circles


A more country-inspired pop track, you won’t be able to get this tune out of your head and will accidentally sing the first verse in front of your mother (please refer to lyrics to know what I’m talking about…). One things for certain though, you’ll be attempting a square dance in no time.


Perfect Illusion


Probably the most likely song to play in Fruity, ‘Perfect Illusion’ is a good old dance anthem. Think modern take on her early work, it’s the best track when you want to keep it real and notably the most popular on this album.


Million Reasons


This song is so beautiful and crushing. A perfect post-break up anthem which sounds best playing with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s in hand. Her voice sounds so pure in this and you can hear every inch of emotion.


Sinner’s Prayer


This track has really revived my inner-country girl. As in I have a whole playlist on Spotify inspired by this one song. It really carries a beautiful message which rings true in all od Gaga’s work; “I am what I am”.


Come To Mama


AKA despite all the hell that’s going on, Mother Monster is here for you. A nod to the political unrest at every turn, this track remind us that we work better together, and there is always someone looking out for you (praise Gaga).


Hey Girl


A duet with Florence Welch of Florence & The Machine, this girl-power inspired song will have you singing the lyrics down the phone to your bestie. Paired beautifully with ‘Grigio Girls’, it’s an anthem for the whole squad.


Angel Down


One of the most heart wrenching songs on the album, ‘Angel Down’ is dedicated to Trayvon Martin, a teenager fatally shot in Florida in 2012. The lyrics and music is chilling, and truly a political statement from the artist.


Grigio Girls


“Toss that cork and call all the pinot grigio girls” is essentially the only thing you need to know about this song. A swaying tribute to girl power, this makes you want to gather all your friends around a bottle of wine and have a good old natter/lovefest.


Just Another Day


Again, you won’t be able to get this tune out of your head. It’s upbeat without being too obvious, and you can certainly imagine singing it with a drink in hand. A comforting end note to her emotional rollercoaster of a tracklist, she reminds us that after all, it’s just another day.


Another day to listen to this album all over again.




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