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8 Ways to Make the Most of this Semester

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Leeds chapter.

Does it feel like deadlines are already fast approaching? Feeling like you’ve not got a lot to show for this year at uni? Have no fear, I’ve compiled a list of tips to help you make the most of your second semester no matter what year you’re in at uni!

  1. Be prepared. Get a planner or calendar to help you keep track of all your deadlines and upcoming events, sounds simple but this will be so helpful in making the most of your time this semester! 


 2.  Meet up with friends. You may get swept up in all your uni work so make sure you make time to meet up with people you’ve been meaning to catch up with! Make the most of all the people you meet at uni – after all, it’s only a short amount of time we’re here for…

 3. Balance work and play. Ahead of your deadline? Or maybe know you’ll that work will be done in time? Either way, make sure you take some time to let your hair down as well; all work and no play can make anyone feel dull! Whether it’s a night out, lunch out with friends or going to see that film you’ve been meaning to watch – take some time to enjoy yourself a little! You’ll look back on the semester with some great memories too!


4. Wake up early. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll get done after a good night’s sleep, try waking up early (or earlier than usual!) to have a really productive day; make a to do list, have a cup of coffee and handle it girl! At the end of the day, see much you ticked off your list and you’ll have a sense of satisfaction checking off all the stuff that you got done! 


5.  Get active. Whether it’s joining a gym or just taking a quick jog around the park, doing a bit of exercise will get you motivated and will even make you feel good! If you keep it up you’ll feel the difference but just go at your own pace, no matter the activity you choose to do.


6. Don’t be hard on yourself. So you didn’t go to that talk you meant to attend or missed that night out everyone was going to. That’s okay! If you slip up or need to take a break, do it! The great thing about university is that a lot of what you do is up to you, so make sure that you know how to keep yourself on track.  Even if you don’t do everything perfectly at least you did that other thing well; there’s always time and room for improvement before exams!

7. Procrastinate less. We all waste a lot of time on our phones, social media or watching our favourite series. The trick is not to cut it out completely but set it aside till you have done something productive, and then give yourself time to do what you want! That way you give yourself something to work towards, even if you have to try and be a bit strict on yourself —  you will feel like you earned it.

8. Try something new. Why not try joining a new society, going to a GIAG (Give it a Go) or taking a trip to somewhere you’ve not been to yet in Leeds? Taking up something new gives you  chance to explore skills you maybe didn’t knew you had or picking up some new ones as you go.  Whatever it is don’t be afraid to try it out: go for it! When you try something new take some pictures to add to your memories from the semester and so you can look back at things you tried out!