5 Reasons to be Single and PROUD This Valentine's Day

1. You don’t need a partner to know your worth

Don’t let all those Instagram posts about having a happy valentine’s day put you down. They’re just pictures that portray the ideal couple and are not representative of the realities of a real relationship. So, take these Instagram shots with a pinch of salt and remember that relationships are more than just a couple of cute snapshots. If you’re on your own just be happy that you get to have your bed to yourself and don’t have to share all that half price valentine’s day chocolate!

2. It’s a social fabrication

Valentine’s is a fabrication of showing romance for only one day when it should be shown every day, if people truly love each other. Sure, it’s a special day to be extra attentive to a loved one but it’s overrated. Unfortunately, it is often used to show off people’s relationships to their friends despite the fact that things might not being going that well. A slightly negative approach to the day but I guarantee that without me mentioning a name of someone you know, you were reminded of one couple in particular.

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3. Buy something to treat yourself like you’d want your ideal partner to!

You want a cute fluffy teddy bear? Buy one. Or a lovely bouquet of flowers? Order some online and write a motivating message to yourself. Saw a fancy pair of lingerie you liked but had no one to wear it for? Go buy it and own it as you chill at your place feeling good about yourself. Got a bestfriend who is single too? Treat each other, show your appreciation and cherish your friendship.

4. Change up valentine’s day and turn it into a Galentines

You can still celebrate valentine's day but with a female switch up. Here’s some ideas of what you could plan with your mates:

  • Pamper session - get some face masks, especially the Korean brands that are trending right now or better yet find some home remedies online and make a face mask mix which suits your skin type. Do a mini manicure and pedicure session and do some DIY while blasting out whatever music you like.
  • Movie marathon - pick a theme and find some movies which will keep you entertained all night long whether it’s romcoms, thrillers or some creepy futuristic sci-fis.
  • Stay in and have a big home cooked dinner - use your kitchen skills to cook up some fabulous home-made dishes you know or use some foodie recipes you found online that caught your eye but haven’t tried out yet. Better yet, you’ll have your friends over so utilise all your skills and bring a dish each and if that doesn’t work then there’s always numerous takeaways to order from.(Image: Pinterest)

5. Be brave if you want something, go get it.

If you don’t want to be alone then be brave and ask the cute guy you know out, go on a blind date, approach a stranger and be confident. And if you get rejected because they’re too blind to see your absolute attractiveness and sexy self then don’t be gutted. Just remember they’re missing out on you; something that could’ve potentially brightened up their life if they gave it a shot. A confident girl gets what she wants so don’t give up on finding someone and always go for what you want. #femalepower

(Images: Pinterest)