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15 MORE British Vegan Instagrammers You Must Follow

15 MORE British Vegan Instagrammers You Must Follow




Esme is a vegan food blogger and vlogger from London, and she is also a mother. She shares her vegan recipes and vegan supermarket finds on her Instagram but for more details visit londonafrovegan.com







Cath is a cruelty free blogger and animal rights activist from Coventry. She posts a mixture of food, recipes and desserts as well as images and videos of her activism against dairy, fur, and the meat industry.





Fat Gay Vegan is a self proclaimed “chubby queer plant-eater” from London and Mexico City. He is a freelance writer, and he writes a monthly advice column for Vegan Life magazine. He also uses twitter under the same screen name to keep us up to date with vegan advancements in businesses across the country.







Sarah is a compassionate lifestyle blogger and vlogger from Essex with lots of fur babies. She is cruelty-free, and plant-based, and she likes to explore the world.





Pig Out is a vegan community-fuelled website used to share recipes, tips and stories. They recently did a campaign for Veganuary where they interviewed 31 Vegans for their experiences of their first 31 days of the vegan lifestyle.




Rachel is a positive-vibes-only mum from Leeds documenting her vegan weight loss journey. She is into holistic health and nature. Her food is colourful, delicious, and healthy, showing that you don’t need to eat boring food in order to lose weight.





Iza is a 23 year old graduate with a film degree from London. She has been vegan for a year and a half and has found it to be her new passion. Through her colourful Instagram she tries to show people that veganism and healthy eating aren’t boring or difficult. In her free time she likes to cook and chill with her cat.





Soph is a vegan blogger and youtuber, with a particular passion for breakfast foods. She posts pictures of her day to day life, as well as pictures of lots of yummy food and Soph is pro positivity and pro self-love.





Faye is a vegan sociology student in Manchester. She is into vegan food and fitness, with a particular passion for running. She shares a good balance of healthy food and sweet treats, showing just how good eating vegan can be. Her personal Instagram account is @faye_kennedy.




@vegan.voyager / @lauralejeune

Laura is a vegan youtuber from Newcastle, sharing content about a vegan lifestyle and discussing more sensitive topics such as mental health. Her vegan videos are particularly helpful, especially to a new or wannabe vegan!





Holly is a 19 year old eco-passionate law student from Norwich/Lincoln. She shares lots of pictures of realistic, doable vegan meals and she also posts some beauty items from time to time. We all love Lush!




Jade uses Instagram to share her vegan food and her vegan gains. She is an avid gym goer, posting videos of her gym sessions and routines. Jade is another great example of how being vegan doesn’t and shouldn’t hold you back from excelling in the fitness world and striving to meet your physical potential!





Kate is a vegan activist, feminist and illustrator. Her Instagram showcases lots of her amazing artwork, as well as the odd selfie and some images from her activism.





Brianna is a 20 year old vegan from London. She posts totally fab pictures of healthy food ideas and she also runs a youtube channel (there is a link to this in her Instagram bio).





Gina is a training nutritional therapist from Manchester. She promotes plant based health, balance and non-toxic living. Her Instagram is incredibly aesthetically pleasing with healthy bowls of food lined up against clean white backgrounds, as well as lots of photos of sweet treats too.

All images are screenshots of respective instagram accounts.


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