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10 Things to do During University

University is a very special time in your life. It is the time when you have the license to act crazy, sleep during lectures, party till 7 am, go on cheap nights out and do things a student could only get away with. While reminiscing our last two years at university, my flat mate and I decided to make a list of things that you must definitely do during university. Here it goes:

1. Go on a blind date

Yes, the infamous blind date! Most of us are apprehensive to go on a blind date but believe me, it might even turn out to be a pleasant experience in the end! So, don’t be afraid when your friend utters that dreaded phrase: “I know the right person to set you up with”! You might just end up meeting your dream girl/ dream boy or at least you’ll have something to laugh about when you’re old and wise!

2. Get wheeled around in a shopping trolley

It might sound crazy at first, but uni is about being crazy, isn’t it?


3. Go on a fancy dress Otley run

You can’t graduate without having done an Otley run, especially if you go to uni in Leeds! Whether it be for a special occasion or just a random night, take the 16 bar (or so) challenge into town!


4. Skinny dip

While the whole concept of skinny dipping might sound a little insane, it is definitely one of those things that are worth doing in life. The adrenalin rush and the excitement of skinny dipping can be a life time experience.

5. Have a summer fling

According to the dictionary, a summer fling is “a sexual adventure free of hassles, commitments or drama, timed for the summer only. Something light and fun-filled with nothing to worry about at the end of the season. Usually not exclusive to one person, ends in a mutual agreement of friendship.” Well, what more persuasion would you need? That says it all!


6. Attend a lecture that is completely out of your field

Attend your flat mate’s philosophy lecture or your friend’s aerospace engineering lecture. It’s free to attend and it never hurts to learn something new!

7. Do something crazy for charity

Spend the whole day in a honey bee costume singing and dancing to raise money or just go on a hike to Amsterdam. Just do your bit!

8. Finish your coursework a week before the deadline

Yes I know this sounds almost impossible, but trust me, you’ll love the feeling plus you’ll get to have fun and be lazy when your course mates will be stressing out.

9. Get your friend drunk and make a video

Nothing could be more hilarious!

10. Fall madly in love

And last but not least, fall in love! Even if you get your heart broken, it’s not only a learning experience but it also makes you a stronger person! Just don’t be afraid to fall in love again!

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