10 Places to Visit in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is known for their latest technology, anime and everything wonderfully eccentric. I visited Tokyo for a few days as prices were cheap form Taiwan and it was definitely worth it. So I’ve made a list of things I wanted to do originally and decided to share it with you guys. I’ve added my pictures into this blog so you can see all the places with no glamorisation and view how aesthetic Tokyo really is. 


1.Tokyo tower

First and foremost is Tokyo tower which resembles the Eiffel tower to be honest but the view you get on the city is amazing. It’s on a little hill which you have to climb a little but the walk is scenic as there are beautiful parks nearby and temples that can be viewed from the top.

Tickets were priced at £6.20 for the main deck but if you want a package of the main deck and top deck it is £19.40. The following pictures are from my visit at the main deck which was pretty high and gave a good view of the city.

2. Takeshita street

If you love shopping then Takeshita street is a definitely a go to place, they have different shops that specialise in trends from hip hop to vintage to cosplay. There are lots of themed cafes and places to grab food, especially crepes if you’re a crepe-fanatic.

We bought some cute clothes and massive cotton candy from here where you can watch it being made with a nice background to take pictures of the treat after. The cotton candy was priced around £7 which is worth the price for the pictures you get after and the blissful sweet taste that lingers in your mouth. 

3. Yoyogi park

Not far from Takeshita street is Yoyogi park which is one of the most popular parks! it’s very scenic despite being in the middle of the city with long pathways under old trees and bridges to cross over small streams. There is a historical aspect to it too which adds to the setting.

4. Korea town

If you’re a fan of Korean food, k-beauty or kpop then one of the first places you should go once you land in Tokyo is Korea town.

I visited Korea town out of curiosity to see what was on offer and after finding a cute Kpop themed cafe where they made hot drinks with the name of your favourite artists decorated on top, I was sold. K-town had many Korean restaurants including street food stalls and dessert shops, along with the kpop merchandises. They also play songs in the background which makes it a dreamland for any kpop fan. Unashamedly, I returned there everyday during my trip to try a different Korean dish or collect more merchandise. It’s really a small version of Korea set in Tokyo.

5. Disneyland

Everyone knows Disneyland but many people don’t know that there are 5 Disneylands located in the world and 3 are in Asia; Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shanghai. So get one of the Disneylands ticked off your list by making a day free for fun at the theme park. Unfortunately I didn’t stay in Tokyo long enough to visit Disneyland but it’ll stay on my to do list until I next visit again.

6. Red light district

Red light districts are just fascinating as it’s more on the taboo side but still legal and every red light district is different depending on which country you go to. Whether you’re visiting out of curiosity or to receive a service, it’s an interesting place to go.

There are lots of clubs, restaurants and forms of entertainment in the area. There are even shisha lounges if you’d like to chill and smoke after having a walk around like we did. If you’re a chick looking for male services, they are lots of establishments where handsome men will cater to you whether it’s in a friendly manner or more, there are rooms with karaoke too if you feel like having a singing session with a hottie.

7. Watch real life super mario tournaments or rent a vehicle and play!

If you are not aware of this... prepare yourself to be amazed for real life super mario kart racing on the streets on japan! That’s right, I was so shocked when I was being the regular tourist walking around Akihabara and saw small karts hidden behind cars at the red light with people dressed as the super mario characters competing with each other. Many people, including myself, whipped out our phones to capture the moment and watched them with amazement wanting to try it out ourselves. But later I found out that a driving license is needed to rent the kart so I couldn’t experience the live super mario kart racing. If you have a license and love playing the game then get your mario kit on and rent yourself a kart along with your friends for a thrilling day.

Here’s a video of Youtube incase you need evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJSFh5yeNjo

8. Akihabara

Next as mentioned above is Akihabara, it’s the ideal place for anime or gaming lovers but like myself, I went to see the bright colours and boards advertised everywhere instead. My friends ran around from shop to shop in awe of all the manga books while I soaked in everything else and it’s very aesthetically pleasing.

Akihabara is also host to a seven-story sex superstore called M’s AND the technological central area so check it out if anything catches your fancy.

9. Capsule hotels

Capsule hotels originated in Japan so this gives more of a reason to stay in an authentic hotel, they are super cheap and convenient. If you don’t like the idea of being stuck in a box your entire trip then try it for one night, they are ideal for travellers, even I prefer staying in capsules now than regular hotels. If you would like to know more then read my article specifically on capsule hotels! Here are some pictures of capsule hotels you can stay in Japan, prices start from as cheap as £10 per night.

10. Watch sumo wrestlers for free!

A lot of us have seen sumo wrestlers on tv but never in real life so nows your chance. In certain parts of the city, you can go watch sumo wrestlers train for free in the mornings, it’s not as luxurious as watching an actual match but you can watch them get rough in fascination on the moves and tactics used. Check out the Sumo Museum in Ryogoku. Admission is free but it is closed on the weekends so plan ahead of time.



Hope all these recommendations have helped and it’ll give guidance in Tokyo if you ever decide to go!