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0800 DISCO’s ‘Love is a Disco’ 

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Leeds chapter.

Hopping between Leeds’ finest and most hipster establishments — Freedom Mills, Hyde Park Book Club, and Sheaf Street (R.I.P.) — 0800 DISCO arrived at Sable Studio for a night of disco-filled, sparkly, energetic fun the Friday before last. The event was dubbed ‘Love is a Disco’, offering an equally romantic and friend-focussed party space following Valentine’s Day. For those whose V-day was traumatic, blissful, or just plain boring, 0800 DISCO was a perfect resolution to an often turbulent week of love and relationships. Creating a space for connection between new and old friends, situated on a dancefloor revolving around groovy disco and soul classics, 0800 DISCO has found its place among my favourite club nights in Leeds.

Started in 2018 by two friends, Bella and Freya, 0800 DISCO has grown into a recurringly successful and highly anticipated underground, inclusive, and exciting event. Approaching its sixth birthday, this club night proves its significance with loyal partygoers and an ever-imaginative environment. Sprinkled with glittering tassels, doused in pink light, and home to a bubbling, happy crowd, Sable Studio — a creative event space just a stone’s throw from Belgrave Music Hall and Hope House — saw 0800 DISCO take over its sound system with a trio of diverse and captivating DJs: Tristanisstan, Noiack, and Jamurai. 

Hailing from an ambient-specialist background, Tristanisstan opened the set, gradually introducing the well-loved disco which kept the party bouncing through the night. Noiack, a Leeds-based guitarist and DJ, who has frequented other 0800 parties, followed with various disco and funk staples like Anita Ward’s ‘Ring My Bell’ and Kylie Minogue’s ‘Can’t Get You out of My Head’. Closing the night was Jamurai, a DJ who has featured alongside Joy Orbinson and is set to play with Saint Ludo come Friday 1st March at Old Red Bus Station (definitely one to watch if you’re a jungle fanatic!). 

Rivalling Cosmic Slop, an event literally around the corner from Sable and equally underground yet highly popular with Leeds 20-somethings, 0800 DISCO proved itself as a bouncy, non-pushy, appreciative, and energising club party. Scattered with inflatable phones — 0800’s brand icon — and serving its own specialist cocktail at the 70s-inspired tiled bar, this event majorly exceeded my expectations with all of its individual and invariably fun twists. 0800 DISCO is not an event to miss, and I am desperately hoping for another groovy, sparkly, disco-trance party in the very near future…

Written By: Liza Brook
Edited By: Raahat Lakdawala

Liza Brook

Leeds '25

Hiii! My name is Liza and I'm a second year at Leeds studying English Lit. Coming from Oxford, I have definitely appreciated Leeds as a city of culture and bubbling activity. I love all things electronica and co-host the core music show for electronic music with LSR.