What His Sign Says About Him?


What His Zodiac Sign Says About Him…

AQUARIUS GUYS (January 20th-Febuary 18th) like Justin Timberlake

Aquarius guys are attracted to anything new and different. The best way to get your Aquarian guy’s attention is to stand out in the crowd of intellectual minds and show him that you can think and come up with original ideas for yourself. Aquarius men are not particularly comfortable in deeply emotional relationships because they do not like to feel tied down emotionally. They like to know that their actions are being governed by their rational minds and not their feelings. Aquarius men value their individualism; they keep personal issues to themselves and tend to keep their distance from those they are fond of. His idea of romance is companionship and compatibility. You have to be friends with your Aquarian guy, and be able to have intelligent and lively conversations. He is a kind, cute, and polite person; but doesn’t like pessimistic, low energetic or depressed people. He is a quiet individual but not because he is shy but because he is quietly thinking. This makes for a generous and companionable relationship.

PISCES GUYS (February 19th-March 20th) like Justin Bieber

Pisces guys have the ability to tune the emotions of other’s very well. He has a high imagination and can instantly put himself in the shoes of another person. If your guy is a Pisces he is naturally caring and sensitive to your needs and wishes. Pisces males have an empathetic imagination and a deeply sensitive nature. He is “the sweep you off your feet type of guy.” However, it is easy for him to become withdrawn from the real world and is very likely to remove himself from his immediate surroundings (i.e. an escapist). Pisces guys are emotionally responsive and have an excessively touchy nature. Your Pisces guy is a thinker, he is kind, slightly lazy, hates rules and regulations, is a polite guy, hides his feelings but helps others, is funny, a good speaker, and a good listener. He also likes to have a lot of friends and hides his jealousy. This makes for an extremely emotionally fulfilling relationship.

ARIES GUYS (March 21st-April 19th) like James Franco

Aries guys are extremely honest with what they think or feel and they very rarely sugar coat anything. However, his appreciation is spontaneous and genuine. Aries guys are very emotional and outspoken and don’t take kindly to too many rules and regulations, they like to live on their own terms. If the guy you are interested in is an Aries, do not play games with him because he will get impatient if getting to know each other takes too long, and he will lose interest in a chase that is ongoing. And really anything that takes too long will lose his interest fast because he works in bursts of energy. Aries men can come across as argumentative, sometimes crude and outrageous. Aries guys love to experience new things and are slightly shy and stubborn. On the plus side he will find many ways to make his love interest happy and will always keep his promise. Your Aries guy is a huge sweetheart but also has the tendency to be a big baby. This makes for an energetic and emotional relationship.

TAURUS GUYS (April 20th-May 20th) like Chris Brown

Taurus guys are loyal, steadfast, quiet, simple, cool, understanding, and able to work well. He believes that once he finds love he should not let it go because it is rare to find and should be treasured. Taurus males are practical and well grounded in reality. His sensual nature causes him to demand grace and softness from his partner. Taurus guys are fearful creatures; however, they can be gentle and calm. Your Taurus guy loves to search and analyze you. He knows many people but actually has few friends. He could shock you just as easily as he could make you calm. Taurus men are free spirited and like to be straight forward with their opinions and comments; however, they will never advise you to do what they think you should do simply because they hate when that is done to them. Your Taurus guy doesn’t trust easily and absolutely hates lies. This is good, because he will never lie to you, but that means he might feel the need to omit. This makes for a sensual relationship.

GEMINI GUYS (May 21st-June 20th) Like Carmelo Anthony

Gemini guys are known for being two guys in one, so you are going to need to be able to keep up with him. They are very social beings so they love to talk but not mere idle chatter; they are witty, intelligent and are very curious to know about people and places. The best way to draw in your Gemini guy is to give out a clever remark or two. He loves fun, variety, new sights and experiences. Gemini men are

  • great at multi-tasking
  • have high energy
  • hide their emotions
  • are quick to change their minds
  • are always searching.

You cannot expect your Gemini guy to be the same person today and forever. This makes for a relationship with two different guys in one.

CANCER GUYS (June 21st-July 22nd) like Lance Gross

Cancer guys are moody, sensitive, very caring, fun, easygoing, witty, loyal, and slightly possessive. Cancer men can be full of laughter one moment and totally sad the next. They have a high sense of people and their desires which makes it simple for them to be sympathetic. They can be vulnerable to criticism and can be slightly jealous. When it comes to your feelings, your Cancer guy can be extremely thoughtful due to the fact that he is overemotional himself. He is

  • gifted
  • has a creative mind
  • very funny
  • very quiet
  • emotional
  • loving

Your Cancer guy is super easy to fall in love with, but if he likes you he might come across as shy. This makes for an emotionally satisfying relationship.

LEO GUYS (July 23rd-August 22nd) like Chris Hemsworth

Leo guys typically need to be the center of attention. They tend to feel the need to rule social situations causing them to come off as vain with the tendency to show off. On the other hand, they are generous and expansive in their love and feelings, and they quickly allow people in their lives. Leo men tend to be arrogant and think they know best. It is best not to run into a direct confrontation with them. Your Leo guy is

  • creative,
  • self expressive
  • has an abundance of energy
  • expresses extravagant gestures of love
  • protective of his family
  • very romantic
  • constantly needs attention
  • talks bluntly
  • has an oversized ego
  • is bright and witty
  • comes off as shy but that is hardly the case

He doesn’t take kindly to help; he will give out advice at anytime but will not take any. It is rare for a Leo man to be single for long, they either have someone in mind that they are after or just got out of a relationship. This makes for a daring relationship.

VIRGO GUYS (August 23rd-September 22nd) like Paul Walker, R.I.P

Virgo guys are known for their search for perfection, so they have high standards. He feels that if something is worth doing then it is worth doing right; resulting in him being whole-heartily involved in his love one and what makes her happy. If your Virgo guy is critical but not  for selfish reasons, but because he thinks it is what is best for you. It is in his nature to read too much in between the lines, and he pays very close attention to detail. Virgo guys are go getters when it comes to money,

  • modest
  • they aim to please
  • are extremely willing to help others
  • they have a calming presence
  • are neat and tidy
  • hard to please
  • very picky
  • hate to be criticized
  • come across as selfish.

Your Virgo guy might be surprisingly insecure inside so you may need to reassure him of your love from time to time. He is not one to be blinded by love; he sees things clearly no matter how into you he might be. The only time he accepts criticism is if he believes it could better him. This makes for a friend type of relationship.

LIBRA GUYS (September 23rd-October 22nd) like T.I.

Libra guys tend to seek balance. They are drawn in by beauty that conveys a vast variety of quality. However, he has a hard time understanding the emotions of the one he loves. Libra men have expensive taste,

  • are cultured and refined,
  • not very emotional,
  • all about justice
  • romantic
  • friendly
  • are lazy by nature
  • careful and delicate to detail
  • flirtatious
  • positive
  • easy to get along with
  • have a no nonsense personality.

Your Libra guy prefers not to get deep into emotions, and has a great ability to detach himself from emotional situations. He tends to go into great thought before making a decision, and does not do well with confrontation. He is not the type of person to stand out in a crowd but if you pay attention to him you’ll see how different he actually is from the rest. He has many different moods and is generally a private person. This makes for a fulfilling relationship.

SCORPIO GUYS (October 23rd-November 21st) like Drake

Scorpio guys are intense lovers, they believe in giving all or nothing when it comes to love. They take their love life very seriously, feel and believe strongly, are well known for secrecy, have a cautious and reserved nature,

  • are possessive
  • very patient,
  • overly honest,
  • rarely make mistakes
  • have good memory
  • straight forward
  • sincere.

Your Scorpio guy is very comfortable with overwhelming emotions and can handle them extremely well. Although he takes his love life seriously, he needs to be alone from time to time. Your guy is overly honest so be careful what you ask him because he will not lie to spare your feelings. This makes for an overly emotional relationship.    

SAGITTARIUS GUYS (November 22nd-Decemeber 21st) like Trey Songz

Sagittarius guys are emotional creatures but they are also very thoughtful. They have a deep thought process and always look to the brighter side of things. They are

  • witty,
  • creative
  • liberal, and
  • open-minded
  • they aim high
  • are fun-loving.

They have a desire to travel which might cause them to disappear from time to time. Your Sagittarius guy tends to be outspoken but has a genuine good nature. Because of his positive outlook on life, he tends to forget about the practical aspect of life. He falls in love easily, hates routine, is a private person, has a happy soul, a good sense of humor, has lots of jokes, loves freedom, and is lively and very energetic. This makes for a deep abiding relationship based on honesty and genuine companionship.

CAPRICORN GUYS (December 22nd-January 19th) like Bradley Cooper

Capricorn guys believe in the continuation of tradition. They are very into morals and care about what is both socially and morally proper. They embrace liberal codes of behavior. They prefer to feel a sense of security rather than experiment with things. They can be unwilling to let people into their inner thoughts and feelings. Your Capricorn guy is unlikely to place much, if any, emotional investment into your romantic relationship with him. He is naturally serious and this causes him to appear emotionally distant.  He is a

  • good listener,
  • careful,
  • loves peaceful and quiet environments,
  • is ambitious,
  • and does not warm up well to others.

He is not the type to overly express his love, but if he loves you, you will know it. This makes for a solid and grounded relationship.

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