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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Le Moyne chapter.

Major: Biology with a focus in pre-medicine

Hometown: I’m actually from this area, I live in Manlius which is like 20 minutes away from Le Moyne.

I hear you started a club, what is it?: I started the Student Environmental Coalition Club, and its genuine purpose is to get the awareness out to college students that the environment is changing towards the worse, and we can do our part to stop it.

Wow, that’s great! What inspired you to start this?: My biggest inspiration to start this club was the fact that I was born on Earth Day. The environment always interested me, and I always talked about it but never really did anything big for it, so I decided to put my “money where my mouth” is try and change Le Moyne to the “Green Side.”

How are we going to get Le Moyne on the “Green Side?”: People should definitely get involved, we are gonna have a GO GREEN DAY on campus which will be our big event this semester, where students can bring there bottles and cans to be recycled next to dining hall. If you have more then 15 bottles or cans, you can get a free Go Green Day bracelet. Its a way to get people to recycle and be eco-friendly.

Are you involved in other activities on campus?: I’m involved in Bio Club, and the usual college student activities!!

You sound like a busy guy! What do you do for fun/to relax?: Play tennis, I love to eat, and have been recently obsessed with exclusively working out my chest and arms. haha

What’s a quote/motto you live by?: Have Less, Do More, Be More

What would be your best advice for first year students regarding getting involved?: Join a bunch of clubs, that you wouldn’t ever try in high school, and in general do new things… In the end it’s college!

Junior Communications Major with a concentration in Journalism. Minors in Creative Writing, Art, English, and Business.