Top 5 Carpool Karaokes You Need to Watch

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, James Corden is the host of The Late Late Show. His segment "Carpool Karaoke" has become an internet sensation featuring celebrities like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, One Direction, Gwen Stefani, and Justin Bieber, just to name a few. It starts off with James on the phone asking a “friend” for help getting to work because you need two people for a carpool lane, hence the name Carpool Karaoke. So get YouTube ready because here are the Top Five Carpool Karaokes you need to watch.

1. Selena Gomez

Big hoop earrings, detours and James Corden screaming like a girl, who could ask for more? But in all seriousness, these two are so funny to watch jamming out in the car and drinking ginger shots. As the two of them drive through LA finding song lyrics and talking about being in the T. Swift OG Squad, you can’t help but laugh and wish you were sitting in the back seat.

2. Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas

First of all, these two together are just hysterical. You can tell they’re best friends by the way they joke with each other and call each other out on the best things, like dating, hint hint. They laugh, they spill dirt, and sing. Who could ask for more from these two talented young artists?

3. Adele

Who doesn’t love this Grammy winning British singer? Personally, I love the depth of her voice and the quality of her songs in a world that is obsessed with booze and drugs. As she and James Cordon drive around England, all bets are off when they talk about music, what they drink, and some of their favorite things to do. Her face when she realizes James Cordon can sing is pretty great too.

4. JLo

Jenny from the block is back! On their way to “work” for James, we get to jam out to her older, classic songs and some of her newer ones in Spanish. JLo tells us how her kids have her wrapped around their fingers and how many A list celebs she has in her phone. James even takes a chance and texts one of them. Check it out because it is great!

5. Michelle Obama

FLOTUS is phenomenal. Not only is she beautiful, but she is the definition of elegance, class, and poise. It is hysterical to watch James Corden make his way onto the White House grounds for a “tour.” When Michele Obama gets in the car you know it is going to be a good time. She has a quick wit that can stand up to anyone. She gives us the inside details on how the POTUS, FLOTUS, and children are named by the secret service. There is an added bonus at the end because another celebrity shows up, I’m not going to tell you who because you have to watch to see the great rap that happens.