Things to Talk About with Your Family This Thanksgiving

There are probably a lot of families across America who aren’t as excited for Thanksgiving as usual. No matter what side of the election you stand on, there are are a lot of people who feel like the people who are supposed to care about them most completely disregarded themselves, other family members and their friends in their voting decision. For a lot of people, this election changed ideas of what they thought their family members valued. In the most understated explanation of how that makes people feel... it’s uncomfortable. You might not even want to look at some members of your family let alone be put in a situation where a conversation about politics could arise.

So I urge you to let it all go for just one day. Don’t talk about the election. Family is family and at the end of the day, we all need to try to love each other more and not be so divisive. Now of course, your family could be perfectly fine to having an open dialogue. You know them better than I do. For those of you who know this topic is best to avoid, I’m here to help.

Here are some great, non-election related topics to talk about with your loved ones this Thanksgiving.

1. TV shows

TV can be a fairly neutral playing field. People don’t typically get offended when you like or watch something they don’t. And if they do...I’m not sure this article will help you at all. Try bringing up a riveting episode of a show. Maybe you can introduce each other to new things! Everybody likes a good Netflix suggestion.

2. Music

Been to any concerts lately? Learned any new songs on the guitar or performed in anything? Then bring it up! Music is known for bringing people together and your uncle might have some good stories about concerts in the 70s.

3. Animals

Because who doesn’t love a good fur baby? If animals don’t make you feel warm and fuzzy, then i don’t know what will.

4. School

Relatives LOVE to hear how well you are doing in school. Use this time to brag your butt off because they will be so proud of you they (probably) won’t even bring up the protests happening on campus.

5. Family Memories

Now is a really good time to bring up the positive, feel good memories you have with your family. Maybe reliving a really great vacation or past holiday will help you remember why you love each other.

6. Hobbies

It’s always interesting to hear about what people do in their free time. Get to know your family members a bit better this year by asking them what they do for fun. Get invested in their answers and actually try to listen. This is a conversation with potential to last a while.

7. Work

No one really wants to think about work on their day off. But most people can relate to horrible boss or co-worker stories (as long as they don’t involve the election) and everyone can weigh in.

8. Food

If all else fails, just say how good the food is. Heck detail every flavor you encounter in a dish if it means avoiding the who did you vote for question!

Hopefully these are helpful or gave you some of your own ideas. Let’s try to keep the love intact this Thanksgiving. Unless of course uncle so-and-so wants to make an off-color remark…

Then engage away, little activists!


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