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Tea With Nana

My Nana could make a mean cup of tea. My favorite memories as a kid were my Nana pouring a warm cup of tea as my cousins and I sat around the table at Nana and Grandpa’s house. Usually you could find my Grandpa sitting at the head of the table with his head in his hands as he contemplated the day’s work that he had put in on the farm. I’m guessing this is what he is thinking about, but I can’t say for certain. We would pass around the milk and the sugar as we talked about our latest adventures and aspirations.

Everything my Nana ever did started with a cup of tea. Whether life was good or things weren’t going right, a hot cup of tea was essential.

Drinking a cup of tea with my Nana is what I miss the most about her. While drinking tea, she told me stories from her childhood and about the latest funny thing that my Grandfather had done.

I learned so many lessons from my Nana while drinking a cup of tea. She taught me the importance of enjoying the little things. A cup of tea is something that may seem simple for many, but to me it is something my Nana made with love.

Now that she is gone every time I drink a cup of tea I think of her. I remember the times she almost made me spit out my hot tea because I was laughing so hard. She was the funniest person I know – whether she meant to be or not. My Nana had the biggest heart. She was always giving to others and I think offering tea to the one’s that she loves was her way of showing us that she loves each and every one of us.

I will miss you this holiday season, Nana.

Sending all of my love,

Morgan xoxo

“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.” – Henry James

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