Surviving Thanksgiving in 5 Easy Steps

So Thanksgiving is only a week away, and we all know what that means… It’s the one day a year where nobody is worried about the latest juice cleanse, skinny tea, or super-strict carb-free diet. Ladies (and men) rejoice! This is a holiday to obviously enjoy time with loved ones, but more importantly, a holiday to pig out… and we’re here to help you with this simple Thanksgiving survival guide.

Step 1- Mental Preparation

The mental preparation is just as important as the physical. Come up with a mantra that will get you from appetizer to  entree to dessert. See the Turkey, be the Turkey (or Tofurkey for our veg readers).

Step 2- Physical Preparation

This a big day, so you want to make sure your body is well rested and well prepared for the events of November 24th. Approximately 48 hours before, be conscious of what you eat. Don’t experiment with that new restaurant you’ve heard about; stay away from the pasta, greasy pizza, or anything that sounds like it would make you remotely bloated; don’t you dare think about drinking that milk with the “sell by 11/21/16 on it. Most importantly, don’t over-eat out of boredom.

Step 3- Dress for Success

When it comes time for the big day, remember: nothing tight, nothing white, and nothing that doesn’t make you look cute with a food baby.

Step 4-  FEAST

Don’t forget the pumpkin pie!

Step 5- Nap

If you follow these steps properly… you’ll deserve it!

Happy Thanksgiving!



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