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Phin Phood: A Lady Phin’s Guide to Eating Right

Okay ladies, summer is officially over. Labor day weekend is behind us, and now this struggle that I like to call “sweater syndrome” is about to set in. Just because you cover up that bod of yours with comfy clothes doesn’t mean you can let yourself go! Think about all those desserts you skipped out on and workouts you painfully endured to get that bikini body! Don’t let it go girl!!

I’m here to help! I’m Cathryn and I’ll be here every week with some nutrition tips when it comes to eating right at La Casse. Dining hall food can really make keeping those pesky pounds off very difficult. The always-abundant selection of pizza, pasta, and desserts can make a girl crazy! So here are some beginner’s tips on how to avoid those extra and un
necessary calories in the cafe:

1. Breakfast: First off, EAT IT! Don’t skip breakfast, I’m telling you; nothing good comes from missing meals. The best way to get that sexy body you want is to eat the right things, not cut out eating all together! For the first meal of the day, I always like to incorporate a banana, they can help a girl out with things such as PMS, brainpower and **ding ding** hangovers. Lucky for us, those seem to be readily available on a regular basis. If you’re looking for something sweet, go with a bowl of oatmeal. This will really fill you up, I promise, and there are always ways to make it delicious. Put in a little scoop of brown sugar or honey, pop in some raisins and cut up a banana. The more fruit the better, it’ll make it taste delicious! If you’re looking for some eggs or bacon go with an egg white omelet or just scrambled egg whites. You can have four egg whites for the same amount of calories that 1 scrambled egg contains! And if you need some breakfast meats, go with turkey sausage or bacon instead of the regular stuff, it eliminates about 100 calories.

2. Lunch/Dinner: Feelin’ like some stir-fry? Good choice! But white and fried rice are just definite no-no’s…try to stick with brown rice. These other options really have no nutritional value and do more harm than good. The best thing to do at this station is to pack those tiny bowls with as many veggies as you want, pick out some chicken or shrimp (if they have it) and get it without rice at all! I know, I know, it sounds lame, but trust me I’ve tried it and with the sauce on you hardly even notice, and by doing this you eliminate about 250 calories!

3. Dessert: Try to avoid the dessert section at all costs! Just walk by, girl, and don’t look back! Oh, and if you do look back, just check out those calorie sheets just above. As moderately active women around 20 all of us should be eating about 2,000-2,200 calories daily so just think, do you want to waste 150-200 of those on ONE cookie or brownie? I don’t think so!

All right, so these are just a few pointers to start you out. I’ll be here every week to give you good tips on what you should and should not be eating. According to the majority of health experts, losing weight is about 80 percent nutrition. I speak from experience, it WILL make a difference so pay attention to it with me and you guys will do great! We’ll be stayin’ fit and fierce year round!


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