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The Newest Addiction: Pinterest

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Le Moyne chapter.


I have many addictions in life food, shopping, crafting, and anything that has to
do with chocolate are just a few. And as of this year all of my addictions (and even
some I didn’t know I had) have combined into the website of Pinterest. I get on my
computer and before I even know what I’m doing I’m on Pinterest scrolling through
the pins planning my future wedding or what I’ll wear for my 21st birthday. I can
spend hours upon hours pinning clothes, crafts, recipes and then do absolutely
nothing with them! After only completing the occasional pin I realized I needed to
organize it into something that wasn’t just a time waster, but something that could
be a valuable and useful tool! So here are a few ideas and tips to turn your Pinterest
account into a valuable resource.
1. Know what you’re pinning- This applies to some sections more then others,
basically if the pin says it has instructions make sure the pin actually has
instructions. It becomes frustrating if you pinned a recipe and realize there
isn’t actually a recipe. This also applies majorly to the fitness pins; recently a
fitness spam has appeared. A pin will appear to show a fit person and under
it, it will say something along the lines of “this program really worked for
me”. These pins have been massed produced to get people on spam websites.
So while the picture may look nice, save yourself time by checking what you
2. Use the search bar and Pin titles to your advantage- when you pin a
recipe or a craft, name it something you can remember. This will save you
time so that instead of searching through a whole board of recipes for
something you pinned last month you can find it within seconds and save
yourself time.
3. Actually look through your boards- when you pin something in hopes that
you will remember it 4 months down the line it usually isn’t going to work.
Although I’m sure that you all have impeccable memories, after pinning
so many things you’re bound to forget those Christmas cookies that are
only worth 2 weight watcher points and taste like chocolate crack. If you
occasionally make yourself look through your boards you might remember
some of the pins that you had planned on doing and actually do them.
4. Don’t buy into everything that you see- If you see a site that says five-
dollar coach bags it’s probably safe to say it’s a scam. Although Pinterest tries
to stop fake sites, if people keep repining them they will stick around. Before
you enter your credit card number look into it first, usually a quick google of
the site will tell you whether it’s a hit or miss. Just remember if it’s to good to
be true it quite possibly could be.
Junior Communications Major with a concentration in Journalism. Minors in Creative Writing, Art, English, and Business.