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The Men of Grey’s Anatomy If They Were in College


A look into how every college guy is a Grey’s character

1.   Derek Shephard

      McDreamy is the guy that every girl fantasizes about even though we will never admit to it. He’s the teacher’s pet but he makes it look sexy and is the most popular guy amongst the faculty, so you really want to hate him… the only problem is that he’s also an intelligent, sweet-talking angel, so you can’t help but love him.



2.   Mark Sloan

      The sexy best friend who also happens to be equally as hot and intelligent. McDreamy and McSteamy – they’re a package deal. Unfortunately for the sidekick, he is ignored because of his best friend’s killer reputation, so he makes up for it by trying to get with every girl on campus. The sidekick is gentle and sweet who can make any girl feel special or beautiful but to him, you are just another girl. *sigh*Ladies we don’t mind though, because well look at him-he is gorgeous.


3.   Alex Karev 

      This is the guy you’ll find keeping to himself in the corner of the bar, yet because of his close relationship with the bartender, he’ll know you and your life story even before you approach him. Ladies flock to him because of his disinterested attitude and ability to simply be a one-night stand; he is like the cheap tequila shots you order because you can’t afford the real drink. While he’ll pretend to not care or grow feelings, he always does; his desire to be secretly interested makes him so irresistible.


4.   George O’ Malley

      It’s the first day of your freshman year, you are anxiously sitting in the crowded lecture hall, waiting for your BIO 110 professor to arrive. This quiet, shy boy approaches you with a welcoming smile and asks if he can sit next to you. He begins to ask you questions-he wants to break the ice. That conversation leads the two of you to become best friends. He is the guy you often toss to the side when McDreamy or McSteamy recognize you but he always remains loyal to your friendship. He may make a fool of himself and earn the name 007 but he is still the best friend every girl needs.


5.   Jackson Avery

Your heart always skips a beat when you see this hottie. He’s always been kind to you, but then again, he’s sweet to everyone. His natural good looks and seductive charm make him hard to understand, so just when you think he’s into you and about to make a move… you find out he is taken by the annoying know-it-all. (Cue the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and tears as you question what you did wrong.)


6.   Owen Hunt

      Nothing is hotter than a man in a uniform. We all look forward to the day when ROTC wears their uniforms especially this one. He is rugged and chill but is secretly plotting to save the world.


7.   Preston Burke

      There’s always that cocky a** in one of your classes that corrects the professor, makes degrading comments and walks around like he owns the place. You pray your best friend doesn’t fall for him. Because dude, we get it – you were born with superhuman intelligence (he had offers to go to Harvard since he was one). Let’s not forget, the superhuman chin dimple that is his signature trait to winning over all the ladies. 


8.   Richard Webber

      This guy is the 5th year graduate student who has emotional breakdowns every time he has to think about leaving. He has grown overly attached to the school and has anxiety attacks when he is more than 5 miles away. He wears his school pride every day and somehow manages to always remain the life of the party. Even though he is old AF, you still find yourself sneaking shots with him.


9.   Denny Duquette, Jr.

      Denny is the boy who you always see around campus. He seems to always appear in the most random of places.  No one seems to know his name, just his face.




10.  Ben Warren

       His confidence draws your attention to him but his smile keeps you looking. He is the ultimate ladies man.  Every time he smiles or talks you, you find yourself biting your lip. He is a keeper if you love adventures.




So ladies, who is the McDreamy or McSteamy on campus? Remember to watch Grey’s Anatomy Thursday 8pm ABC or on Hulu the next day.

Sarah Touey is a traveler, entrepeneur, and college student. Growing up in Pringle, Pennsylvania Sarah is a graduate of Wyoming Seminary College Prep and is a senior at Le Moyne College. A dual Marketing & Finance Major, Sarah spends her time outside the classroom with her friends, exploring Central New York, and staying an active member of the Le Moyne community. Chapter Lead for Her Campus, Student Coordinator for the Jesuit University Humanitarian Action Network, Class Representative for the Le Moyne Student Programming Board, and Vice President of Amnesty International & Habitat for Humanity. Besides staying active at Le Moyne. Sarah is the Founder & CEO of "GT: The Next Generation of Marketing". Sarah's passions including volunteering, advocacy, and sports. 
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