Meet Laura!

Name: Laura Capparelli

Class: 2016 

Major: Communications

Relationship status: Single 

About Me

Hometown: Syacuse

Three words to describe myself: Funny, kind-hearted, and straightforward.  

One thing I can’t live without: My phone…. as sad as that is to say, haha.

My Favorite Things

Friends & family, wine, my dog Peanut, my godsons, coffee, blue cheese, Wegmans, clothes...definitely clothes.

Favorite Place on Campus: In front of the chapel because it is just so peaceful and I love scenery, especially in the fall.

Favorite song right now: All I Ask - Adele.

Favorite Social Network: Instagram.

HC: You're working on the CMM department short film 'Luddite'. What is your role and how did you get involved?

LC: I am wardrobe supervisor and my friend Savanna asked me to be a part of the film.

HC: What's the best part about working on the movie?

LC: Working with everyone who is involved. I have met many new people by getting involved with the film and I loved meeting them. 

HC: Last question: What's something most people don’t know about you?

LC: I paint and sculpt...when I have free time!