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#LocalFoodLove: Original Grain

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Le Moyne chapter.

I’ve decided to combine my obsession with food and my love for the Syrcuse community by starting a blog on HC Le Moyne called #LocalFoodLove. This city is filled with gems when it comes to food, whether it’s Wescott Street, North Syracuse, or Armory Square. Since I’m unable to eat a meal without taking a photo, it seemed appropriate to share my pictures and tell you why I love each of these places. The first restaurant I’m sharing with you is probably your new favorite place to eat. 

Original Grain (302 S Salina St, Syracuse, NY 13202) 

My order:

  • Breakfast: The Egg Man (Prosciutto, Smashed Avocado, Egg, Chia seeds, Pea Shoots, Ponzu dressing, Multigrain toast) 

– Everything about this toast is heavenly. The eggs are the perfect amount of runny and the prosciutto adds a little saltiness that ties the whole thing together. I get this without avocados or dressing (I’m picky as hell), and it’s still worth every penny. Delicious! 

  • Lunch: Hail MF Kale (Chicken, Original grains, Edamame, Bacon, Pickled Red Onion, Croutons, Green Goddess Dressing)

– This was the first thing I ever got at Original Grain. I’m from NYC, and the menu and aesthetic of the restaurant (which is A-1, btw) reminded me of my favorite food from home, a salad chain called Sweetgreen. I was craving kale since there’s no Sweetgreen in Syracuse, but OG proved to be the next best thing. To be a little more healthy, I get this without bacon or croutons. Honestly though, OG is definitely one of the healthiest places to eat in Syracuse!

Other great options from their menu include their acia bowls and their sushiritos, the latter being a big trend in NYC and LA. Enjoy, and happy eating! 

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