Kate Costello-Sullivan

Meet Kate Costello-Sullivan, Dean of Arts and Science and English professor here at Le Moyne!

How long have you worked at Le Moyne and how much of that time have you spent as Dean of Arts and Sciences?

I have been at Le Moyne since 2004; I came here right after graduate school.  So this is my 11th year, but only my 2nd as Dean of CAS (College of Arts and Sciences).

How did the opportunity to be Dean come about?

We had a lot of turnover in 2014!  The then-President left; the Provost, Dr. LeMura, became President; and then our new Arts and Sciences Dean left after only a year. So it was a quick turnover and the College needed to reestablish stability.  I was nominated by a couple of my colleagues, agreed to apply, and was chosen.  I had always thought that I might look into being a Dean but in about 10 years--but since it was here, I knew I could return to the faculty, and I wanted to help if I could.  I had just worked as Chair of the Governance committee, so I felt like I was in a good position to try to assist a new administration in addressing some concerns of my faculty colleagues and improving how faculty and administration work together.

What are some things you want to accomplish in your new position?

I want to help reinforce and reinvigorate the departments we have in CAS; to make sure procedures are in place in every department in CAS to help students find internships; to get the word out better about our wonderful faculty and all the fabulous things they do and enable our students to do; and finally to strengthen the connections between CAS, GPS, and Madden so that we can cross-pollinate and create exciting new opportunities for the students.

You have so much energy and passion when you teach, yet you have an extremely busy schedule. Where does that drive come from?

I love teaching; it is so much fun for me to introduce students to works that I love, to show them how to explore a text, and to watch as they become better writers than they thought they could be. As to in general, I've always been a "multi-tasker" and most professors have to juggle multiple hats--but when it is in the service of something you love, you would be surprised how much you can do.

Something you'd like people to know about you that they may not already.

Hmm.  This is the hardest question!  I actually consider myself to be something of an introvert who does a good impersonation of an extrovert.  Except in the classroom.  :)

Thank you, Kate, for your constant support of Le Moyne students and their need to thrive!