Jackie DeRegis ‘17

Jackie DeRegis ‘17

Le Moyne is full of talented students in all areas: art, music, athletics, theater… shall we go on.

Meet Jackie, a Junior Communications Major from Auburn, who’s singing her way around campus!


Major: Communications

Year: Junior

Campus Involvement: Chorus Group- Chamber; Voice Lessons; WLMU

Favorite Spot on Campus: The quad, especially in the nice weather to hang out.

Favorite quote: "Fear never conquered anything."

Favorite Color: Yellow.

Hidden Talent/ Hobbies: Love going to concerts, anything to do with music, random road trips... Hidden talent... I can finish a season of a show on Netflix in like a day, haha!

One thing you love about yourself: My fun personality and open mindedness


How long have you been singing?

I have been singing for over 4 years.

So Jackie, we’ve heard that you were recently nominated to be the President of Chamber, Congratulations! How do you feel?!

It's really exciting and overwhelming because I wasn't expecting to get the position. I know most of the girls in the group and can't wait to see how our performance goes for this semester and how much fun rehearsals are with everyone. The director, Prof Danan Tsa,  and our pianist, Prof Cuttingham, are both amazing and great to work with and learn from! Chamber just became an all women's group recently and we've become a little family in a way and I really enjoy rehearsal time with all of them!

What is one of the best or craziest stories from a Chamber concert or rehearsal?

One time during rehearsal someone said something ditsy and I said "you pulled a Jackie.” Ever since then we've been saying that and I think it's really funny!

Also, last rehearsal we were all talking about wearing different animal sweaters to our next concert, and I thought that was hilarious. All the girls were mentioning the different kinds of animal sweaters they own and we all just kept laughing at the idea of us all wearing them together.

You’re a junior, which means colleges is quickly coming to an end. Would you consider continuing singing in a group after college?

I would because it's a great stress relief and it's always a fun time getting to know new music and being with people who enjoy music like you do.

Do you have advice for current freshmen and/ or your underclassmen members?

For freshman, my best advice would be not to be afraid to audition for anything and to go for it because you have nothing to lose! All of the music groups at Le Moyne are great and being in one or all of them is an honor and a great time with people you will begin to love!