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HC Takes Tribeca: 10 things about our NYC Adventure

There are many perks of being a communications major at Le Moyne. We get to watch movies in class, we make our own movies, and sometimes we even get to go on a free, educational trip to the TriBeca Film Festival. The TriBeca Film Festival has been a staple in the film industry since 2002. CMM Professors Phil Novak and Julie Grossman took us and a couple of other students to NYC for the festival. Here are 10 things about our amazing trip!

1. We witnessed Stephen Colbert hilariously interview George Lucas (like, Star Wars George Lucas!) George was super adorable and humble, and Colbert was rocking a crazy beard. 
2. This was the first movie everyone saw. In Adderall Diaries, James Franco plays a disturbed author who likes to be burned with cigarettes in his spare time #cute.            
3. The cast of Franny, (Dakota Fanning, Theo James, and Richard Gere) delighted me (inez) with a Q & A after the screening. Our very own Eric Carden even got to ask Richard Gere a question! How cool is that?!
4. Midnight Brunch at Bubby’s gave us life. It’s one of my (chelsea) favorite restaurants. 
5. Hailing a cab at 1 AM is harder than you would think. It took us approximately 3 years. 
6. Once again, food. Luke’s Lobster is a mind blowing MUST when visiting NYC. We still have the memory of buttery rolls and ice cold lobster/shrimp in our hearts. 
7. Movie marathon. We saw several films on Saturday, including the HBO documentary Thought Crimes, and the feature films Mojave, Tenured, and Jackrabbit
8. The amount of celeb sightings this weekend was unreal. We saw Adrien Brody, Leslie Mann, Dylan McDermott (pictured below with Leah), Cobie Smulders, and I (chelsea) even scored a hug from her husband, SNL star Taran Killam. 
9. Ordering a pizza seems simple enough, right? Well don’t do it at 2:30 AM. We got our pizza delivered solely by being sassy and throwing severe shade. 
10. The breathtaking views and the gorgeous weather made our weekend even more special. 
We want to thank the CMM department for creating this opportunity for its students. Shoutout to the #TFF2015 squad (Matt Poehlmann, Cameron Hill, Marygrace Graves, Leah Quinones, Eric Carden, and Professors Julie Grossman and Phil Novak), you guys are awesome! 
For more info on The Tribeca Film Festival, click here
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Inez Timberger is currently one of two Campus Correspondents for HC Le Moyne! She is studying Communications with a strong focus in film and TV. Inez's life consists of everything pop culture and Netflix. She is also a part of LCTV, a student run TV news program, and Le Moyne Makes Movies. Inez enjoys fashion, makeup and healthy stuff. 
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