HC Le Moyne's Top 20 DCOMs

I don't know about you, but I've watched way too many Disney Channel Original Movies in my lifetime. Actually, if you're reading this article, then you probably did too. If you're like me, there's a handful you hate and a handful that you thought were really boring/ a distant memory because of how irrelevant it was to your life. Nonetheless. the amount of good DCOMs surpass the amount of bad ones. Here is my ranking of the top 20 DCOMs of all time!

20. The Ultimate Christmas Present 

I always looked forward to Christmas just so I could watch this movie! Brenda Song was a fetus and Disney Channel's loyal fanbase was introduced to newcomer Hallee Hirsh, which we (or maybe just me) would go on to watch in Flight 29 Down. Ultimate Christmas Present also starred Lizzie McGuire's mom, Hallie Todd, who played mom to Hirsh's character. This film makes the list because of its interesting, California-winter plot and because the actor who played Santa was the most Santa looking Santa I've ever seen. 

19. Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-off 

Note: a running theme with this list is unexpected plot ideas. This movie is about an ahlete who had a passion for something that isn't sports. Normally, the athlete wants to dance or sing, but in this case, the athlete wanted to cook, a la Zeke in High School Musical. Eddie, not the one from That's So Raven who also stars in this film, struggles to balance his love of baseball and his love of cooking. The same day of his team's championship game, Eddie's idol and food network overlord Bobby Flay hosts a cooking competition in his town. Of course Eddie manages to do both somehow. It's a classic Disney Channel move. 

18. Smart House 

This movie was low key really scary. When 'Pat' a.k.a. the Smart House got mad, I genuinely became afraid. But it wasn't all scary! I mean, who could forget the legendary scene where Ben Cooper (Ryan Merriman) throws an awesome party and he and his friends do a choreographed dance to "Slam Dunk (da Funk)" by the short lived boy band, 5ive? Good times, man. 

17. Camp Rock 

Do you know what it's like to feel so in the dark? To dream about a life where you're the shining star? I do! Camp Rock is yet another movie musical that makes you want to sing your heart out. The Jobros are also featured in the film, with Joe Jonas playing the rockstar of yours and Mitchie's dreams. Wait-- what kind of name is Mitchie? 

16. Tru Confessions 


This is a deep cut. Shia LaBeouf brilliantly plays Eddie Walked, a teenager who is highly autistic. His twin sister, Tru, is a filmmaker and hears about a video contest in which a winner will get their own TV show. She reluctantly decides to film a documentary about her brother, who often frustrates her and gets most of the attention in her family. Throughout the filming of the documentary, Tru learns to understand her brother and his disorder. This movie has laughs, tears, and so many subplots! Most importantly, it has Shia LaBeouf. 

15. Alley Cats Strike 

Alley Cats Strike is the movie about bowling you never knew you needed. This throwback stars the beautiful Kyle Schmid, who ended up playing Raven's love interest in The Cheetah Girls four years later! There's just something about this movie I love. It's witty and different, and makes me want to start my own bowling team!

14. Mom's Got a Date With a Vampire 

This is one of the best Disney Channel Halloween movies, primarily because it wasn't terrifying, unlike Don't Look Under the Bed or Phantom of the Megaplex. I always love to see a familar face in a DCOM. In this one, Aunt Hilda from Sabrina the Teenage Witch played Mom, who got a date with a Vampire one Halloween night. 

13. Stepsister From Planet Weird 

This is, by far, the weirdest DCOM I've ever seen, and probably the weirdest DCOM ever made. However, it still manages to be one of my favorites. Megan Larson's mom meets and falls in love with a man named Cosmo Cola, who has a daughter named Ariel. Megan and Ariel are forced to bond with each other because Cosmo proposes to Megan's mother. Ariel begins attending Megan's school, who can't seem to escape or figure out Ariel's weirdness. Finally, after some digging, Megan realizes Ariel and Cosmo's secret! 

12. Susie Q 

You're the real MVP if you've seen this. Seriously, when I bring up Susie Q, most people don't know what I'm talking about. But don't worry, if you're not familiar with the movie I'll bring you up to speed. The year is 1955. Susie Quinn and her boyfriend are on their way to the winter formal when a drunk driver crashes into their car, eventually killing Susie and her date. So dramatic, I know! DCOMS used to have such substance and cool storylines. Anyway, 40 years later, Zach Sands, his widowed mother, and his little sister all move into Susie's old house. Zach's dad also died in a car accident. While fishing with his younger sister he finds a bracelet in the water, which belonged to none other that Susie Quinn. This causes Susie's ghost to come back, but here's the catch: Zach is the only person who can see her. Chaos, comedy, and tears ensue! Stay tuned for the trippy ending! 

11. Halloweentown 

This is easily the best Halloween themed movie Disney Channel has ever made. I loved how Marni was so curious and into weird things! Her grandma, played by living legend Debbie Reynolds, reveals to Marni that she is a witch! They venture off to Halloweentown and Marni learns about her family history and how to use/embrace the powers within her. 

10. The Cheetah Girls 

This movie will always have a spot in my heart. The Cheetahs were the friend group you wish you had. They were talented, beautiful, and had the craziest nicknames and phrases for everything. It was also Disney Channel's first movie-musical! While we're on the subject, Aqua had hot sauce in her bag (swag) FIRST! Sorry, B! 

9. Wish Upon A Star 

The plot of this 1996 classic starring Katherine Heigl and Danielle Harris was sort of an intentional Freaky Friday situation. The unpopular (but still rad) sister played by Harris wishes that she was her sister, the popular and poised Queen Bee played by Katherine Heigl. When the wish actually comes true, hilarity and many quotable moments ensue. This is the one film on this list that's on Netflix, so add it to your list right now!

8. 'Twas the Night 

This is the best Christmas-themed DCOM by a long shot. 'Twas the Night stars Bryan Cranston, who played our favorite wacky dad on Malcolm in the Middle and the meth maker we love to hate on Breaking Bad. Talk about range! Here, he plays a sketchy Uncle (named Nick, of course), who tries to steal presents from people in order to pay off the men who are hunting him down. 

7. You Wish! 

Remember when Alan Twitty and Miranda Sanchez did a movie together? If not, I'm here to remind you! After getting into a fight with his brother (Spencer Breslin), AJ Trauth's character wishes on a rare coin that his little brother never existed. This sends him into an alternate universe where he's captain of the football team, his girlfriend is head cheerleader, his real friends hate him, and he is now an only child. His brother is now a child star of no relation, and AJ's character desperately tries to find the coin he wished on to get his brother back. It's heartwarming, but not cheesy! 

6. Brink! 

I think it's safe to say that the gap toothed bad guy in Brink! was like, the worst villian in a DCOM ever. It's also safe to say that Brink!'s main character, Erik Von Detten, is still the man of our dreams. This SoCal flick about rollerblading inspires the #SoulSkater in all of us to chase our dreams, and of course, to never sell out. 

5. My Date with the President's Daughter 

Okay, I want to start with one simple fact: Will Friedle is perfect. Not only did he make us LOL as Eric in Boy Meets World and as Ron Stoppable (bff to Kim Kar Possible), he made us swoon in his one and only DCOM as Duncan Fletcher. Ugh, I love that name. "Duncan Fletcher"...that should totally be a character on Gossip Girl, right? Anyway, he meets a beautiful girl at the mall and asks her out on a date. Little does he know that she was the daughter of the current President! But seriously, how did he not recognize who she was? 

4. High School Musical 

Before it was a mega franchise, little old High School Musical was just a DCOM that starred Maddie from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and a bunch of other random actors. Granted, I had known Troy Bolton from his previous work on Summerland, but most of the cast were fresh faces to me. The songs became my life, and so did the movie star, and husband in my head, Zac Efron. You just haven't lived until you've cried yourself to sleep because you're not Vanessa Anne Hudgens. 

3. Pixel Perfect 

Phil (Ricky Ullman) got futuristic two years before his TV show actually premiered on the Disney Channel. In 2004's Pixel Perfect, Ullman plays a high school techie that creates a hologram to be the lead singer of his friend (Leah Pipes)'s band. The hologram is beautiful and perfect, because she's a hologram! Queue the love triangle between the three of them and grab some popcorn. The band sings some awesome songs in this movie, and even if you haven't seen it in a while, I guaruntee you'll be mouthing every word. Also, Fun Fact: Leah Pipes is married to AJ Trauth, star of You Wish! and Even Stevens

2. The Even Stevens Movie 

A couple of months ago, Shia LaBeouf watched all of his movies at an NYC theater. To my pleasant surprise, he live streamed his reaction for the entire event. Undoubtedly, Shia's happiest moments during the stream occurred while watching The Even Stevens Movie. When Shia laugh-cried, I just cried, because it made me so happy to see him smile! This is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen and one of the greatest DCOMS of all time. 

1. Stuck in the Suburbs 

Finally, we've reached number 1! Stuck in the Suburbs is hands down, my favorite DCOM of all time. The premise, the actors, the incredibly catchy pop music, are all what makes me love this movie so much. Danielle Panabaker plays Brittany, a suburban teen who's bored with her life. She dreams of being a songwriter and is desperate for some excitement in her life. That's where Brenda no-longer-a-fetus Song comes in. She plays Natasha, a fashionista from NYC who lives the life Brittany wishes she had. While attending a music video shoot for mega pop star Jordan Cahill, the girls accidentally swap phones with him. Through the madness of trying to get their cellphones back, Jordan, Brittany, and Natasha all find their true selves.